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A Day in The Life of Dennis Day

A Day in The Life of Dennis Day ~ OTR Rado Collection
Name: A Day in The Life of Dennis Day ~ OTR Rado Collection
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A Day in The Life of Dennis Day ~ OTR Radio Collection

Day appeared for the first time on Jack Benny's radio show on October 8, 1939, taking the place of another famed tenor, Kenny Baker. He remained associated with Benny's radio and television programs until Benny's death in 1974. He was introduced (with actress Verna Felton playing his mother) as a young (nineteen-year-old), naive boy singer a character he kept through his whole career.

Mary Livingstone, Benny's wife, brought the singer to Benny's attention after hearing Day on the radio during a visit to New York. She took a recording of Day's singing to Benny, who then went to New York to audition Day. The audition resulted in Day's role on the Benny program.

Day's first recorded song was "Goodnight My Beautiful".

Besides singing, Dennis Day was a mimic. On the Benny program, Day performed impressions of various noted celebrities of the era, including Ronald Colman, Jimmy Durante and James Stewart.

Sam Berman's caricature of Dennis Day for 1947 NBC promotional book From 1944 through 1946 he served in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant. On his return to civilian life, he continued to work with Benny while also starring on his own NBC show, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day (19461951). Day's having two programs in comparison to Benny's one was the subject of numerous jokes and gags on Benny's show, usually revolving around Day rubbing Benny's, and sometimes other cast members' and guest stars' noses in that fact. His last radio series was a comedy/variety show that aired on NBC's Sunday afternoon schedule during the 195455 season.

Programs Include a collection of 52 Shows:

:: 1946-10-03 Masquerade Ball

:: 1946-11-14 Dennis Writes a Radio Show

:: 1946-12-25 Christmas

:: 1947-01-22 Inheritance

:: 1947-02-12 The Other Woman

:: 1947-02-26 Dennis Loses His Job

:: 1947-03-05 Witnesses A Bank Robbery

:: 1947-03-19 Photographer

:: 1947-03-26 Burnside House

:: 1947-04-09 Break Up Dennis

:: 1947-04-16 Willoughby Needs Help

:: 1947-04-23 Anderson Writes An Article

:: 1947-08-27 Mildred With Another Man

:: 1947-09-03 Dennis Runs For Mayor

:: 1947-09-24 Selling Andersons Property

:: 1947-10-01 The Town Needs A New Jai

:: 1947-10-15 Mrs Anderson Buys A Dress Sho

:: 1947-10-22 Dennis Sells Life Insurance

:: 1947-12-03 Social Editor For Paper

:: 1947-12-10 Expecting A Change Of Fate

:: 1947-12-17 Mrs Anderson- Pres Of Sow

:: 1948-01-14 The Dunning Art Show

:: 1948-01-21 Dennis Works For Post Office

:: 1948-01-28 Dennis Does A Radio Show

:: 1948-03-17 Mrs Andersons Baby Picture

:: 1948-03-24 Dennis' Taxi Company

:: 1948-04-07 Saves A Radio Station(inc)

:: 1948-04-21 Dennis Is Interviewed

:: 1948-05-05 Acting Career Or Girlfriend

:: 1948-06-16 Great Gambini Mind Reader

:: 1948-06-23 Accidentally Bets On Horse

:: 1948-06-30 Dennis Day, Big Shot

:: 1948-09-18 Dennis & Mr Anderson Go Out

:: 1948-09-25 Dennis' Room Rented Out

:: 1948-10-02 The Runaway

:: 1948-10-09 The Big Football Game

:: 1948-10-16 Phony Oil Deal

:: 1948-10-23 Mildred Writes Love Letters

:: 1948-10-30 Mrs Anderson's Earrings

:: 1948-11-13 Dennis' Advice Column

:: 1948-12-04 Mr Andersons Love Letters

:: 1949-01-08 City Manager Job

:: 1949-01-15 Canceled Invitation

:: 1949-01-29 The Black Mark

:: 1949-02-12 Dennis & Mildred To Elope

:: 1949-02-19 Mistaken Heir

:: 1949-03-19 Missing Heir

:: 1949-03-26 Weaverville Art Contest

:: 1949-04-09 The Scoutmaster

:: 1949-04-16 Assembly Campaign

:: 1949-06-25 Crook Shakes Down Gikoby

:: 1949-08-27 Dennis & Mildred Falling Out


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