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Art & Science of Embalming ~ Post Mortem Books on DVD

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Art & Science of Embalming ~ Post Mortem Books on   DVD
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Name: Art & Science of Embalming ~ Post Mortem Books on DVD
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Art & Science of Embalming ~ Post Mortem Books on DVD

Embalming, in most modern cultures, is the art and science of temporarily preserving human remains to forestall decomposition and to make them suitable for display at a funeral. The three goals of embalming are thus sanitization, presentation and preservation (or restoration) of a dead body to achieve this effect. Embalming has a very long and cross-cultural history, with many cultures giving the embalming processes a greater religious meaning.

An embalmer is someone who has been trained in the art and science of embalming and may not have any contact with the family, although many people fill both roles. Embalming training commonly involves formal study in anatomy, thanatology, chemistry and specific embalming theory (to widely varying levels depending on the region of the world one lives in) combined with practical instruction in a mortuary with a resultant formal qualification granted after the passing of a final practical examination and acceptance into a recognized society of professional embalmer. (Summary by Wikipedia)

We have collected a wonderful library of five {5} vintage Embalming books from 1840 to 1906 on a Gift Quality DVD.

Titles Include:

:: 1840 History of Embalming - 276 pages.

History of embalming, and of preparations in anatomy, pathology, and natural history, including an account of a new process for embalming. chapters on various preservative techniques, the practices of the Guanches of the Canary Islands, and on the embalming science of the Egyptians. Gannal, one of France's great early 19th century chemists, is credited with inventing a method of embalming bodies for anatomical study, and to embalm them in presentable fashion for funerals and wakes. He also figured out how to preserve the abandoned corpses which were put on display at the macabre Paris morgue.

:: 1873 Practical Guide for Making Post-Mortem Examinations - 348 pages.

"The work is divided into four parts. Parts I, II and III, corresponding to the three great divisions of the body the Head, Chest and Abdomen. Part IV, is devoted to miscellaneous subjects, and contains chapters on the Bones; Joints; Tumors; Effects of Poisons; Medico-Legal Autopsies; On Embalming the Dead; and On the Preservation of Morbid Specimens."

:: 1898 The Art & Science of Embalming - 576 pages.

Once considered the textbook of choice for the "Modern Embalmer" this text book provides a huge encyclopedia of information that many of todays master embalmers swear by. Plenty of techniques in this vintage books that are still used today. Truely a rare find for anyone interested in the embalming process.

:: 1899 Practical Anatomy - 504 pages.

Includes a special section on the fundamental principles of anatomy. A real trewasure trove of information, including almost 350 anatomical illustrations, many of which are in color!

:: 1906 The Essentials of Anatomy, Sanitary Science & Embalming - 297 Pages

This volume is intended primarily as a manual for students preparing for the D.P.H. examination, though it is hoped that it may also be useful to all sanitary officers and medical officers of the Public Services. A series of questions and answers on the subject of Embalming and Collateral Science.

Bonus Book:

:: Embalming Ebenezer
:: 22 Pages.

We are pleased to offer you this fun, extra little bonus. Thru only 22 pages in size, this is a prize sure to delight.


Horace Hardupp has spent his friend Ebenezer's "last two quahtahs" for an insurance policy in his own favor. There is one flaw in his scheme, however Ebenezer "ain't got no notion of dying, not no notion." But when the agent, already informed by Horace of Ebenezer's death, comes in, he plays the corpse, with some expostulations, however. Jackson questions Horace about the deceased and then proceeds to embalm the "corpse," Horace goes to get some ice, leaving Ebenezer to the tender mercies of Dr. Jackson. A screamingly funny scene ensues, in which Dr. Jackson swells what seems to be Ebenezer's head until it bursts. The poison which the Doctor had poured into the glass having disappeared while his back was turned, he decides that " de sperrits done got him."


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