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Big John & Sparkie

Big John & Sparkie ~ OTR Radio Collection
Name: Big John & Sparkie ~ OTR Radio Collection
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Big John & Sparky ~ OTR Radio Collection

Old-Time Radio (OTR) refers to the period of radio programming from the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio in the 1950s. During this period, the airwaves were filled with a huge variety of radio programs. According to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners, which explains the massive variety of radio programing - mystery, westerns, drama, comedy and more.

Vintage Literature Reproductions is pleased to offer you this collection of old time radio programs on a Gift Quality DVD for your listening enjoyment. These radio programs are designed to play on any computer, and most other MP3 capable listening devices. These programs can easily be copied to CD's, so they may be played in your car, on your home stereo, or take them with you and enjoy them anywhere, anytime on your portable MP3 listening device.

Programs Include a Collection of 95 Shows

:: A Mysterious Speck

:: A Mystreious Man #1

:: A Mystreious Man #2

:: A Mystreious Man in the Shadows

:: A Proposed Solution

:: A Quiet Day on Yukie's Farm

:: A Sudden Change in Climate

:: A Surprise Awaits the Mayor

:: A Surprise For All Concerne

:: A Telephone Mix-Up

:: Almost Captured

:: An Interruption in the Mayo

:: Back to Normal I Hope

:: Big Jon Gets a Screen Job

:: Big Jon Gets Company

:: Big Jon Recuperates

:: Big Jon Takes the Plunge

:: Canine Mutiny

:: Cheer Up the Sick Boy

:: Daffodil Dilly Strikes Again

:: Detective Sparky Gets an Idea

:: Detectives Sparky and Yukie

:: Even Detectives Make Mistake

:: General Comet of the Universe

:: Goodbye My Dilly

:: Jailed

:: Look Who's a Lawyer

:: Miss Dilly Kidnapped

:: More Then One Way to Catch

:: Not Even a Team of Horses

:: Not Much Doing

:: Off to the Races

:: Old Cloths is Good Clues

:: Opening Day 1953

:: Over The Falls in an Airplane

:: Peace and Quiet Again, Almo

:: risoners of Love

:: So Close To the Forest

:: Someone Make Up His Mind

:: Sparkie in Control

:: Sparky Drives a Racing Car

:: Sparky Finds a Bug

:: Sparky Has Plans for Yukie

:: Sparky Tracks Down a Clue

:: Sparky's Mysterious Butterfly

:: Sparky's Private Detective

:: Sparky's Telephone Troubles

:: The Begining of a Long Voya

:: The Big Broadcast

:: The Big Little Race

:: THe Day the Butterfly Flew

:: The Detectives

:: The Dognappers Get Caught

:: The Dogs Get Organized

:: The Dogs Get Together

:: The Great Kidnap Mystery

:: The Kidnapped Car is Sighte

:: The Kidnappers Double Back,

:: The Kidnappers Escape Again

:: The Kidnapping Case Cont001

:: The Kidnapping Case Continu

:: The Long Voyage Home

:: The Mayor Shows Them How

:: The Mayor Tells of His Wedding

:: The Mayor's Plan Begins to

:: The Mayor's Wedding Day

:: The Pane in Mrs Two-Hill's

:: The Prodigal Returns

:: The Professor Speaks

:: The Ratings are In

:: The Return of Yukie Butcher

:: The Stakeout

:: The Surprise in the Barn

:: The Surprise in the Yukie's

:: Tickets, Tickets - Who's Go

:: Trouble in the Ranks

:: Twelve Down, Two to Go

:: Want Ads Get Results

:: What's Wrong With Bunny

:: Where, Oh Where Have Our ..

:: Where's Yukie Now

:: Who's Fooling Whom

:: Who's Who Continued

:: Who's Who

:: Yukie Butcha to the Rescue

:: Yukie Cracks Up

:: Yukie Gets Ready

:: Yukie Hits the Jackpot

:: Yukie Looks For a Lawyer

:: Yukie Makes a Decision

:: Yukie Shows Us How

:: Yukie Sues the City

:: Yukie Tries Out His Racing

:: Yukie Unvails an Invention

:: Yukie's Radio Station


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