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British Columbia {Family History} Genealogy With Maps Gift Set

British Columbia {Family History} Genealogy With Maps Gift Set
Name: British Columbia {Family History} Genealogy With Maps Gift Set
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British Columbia History & Genealogy {41 Volumes} on DVD

The British Columbia Provincial History Collection is an electronic library of historical books, in searchable PDF format, relating to the people of the province of British Columbia during the 18th to 20th centuries. Many of these volumes offer wonderful digital reproductions of historical illustrations and portraits. Presented on a Double DVD Gift Set with a wonderful collection of all the maps, charts, plans, and particular surveys, that have been published of Canada, totalling ninety {90} rare map images.

List of Books Included:

:: Picturesque British Columbia
(1905) - 72 pages.

:: All about Victoria, British Columbia
(1916) - M. Emberson - 112 pages.

:: Childhood, travel and British Columbia
(1907) - John Johnson - 446 pages.

:: Archaeology of Lytton, British Columbia
(1899) - Harlan Smith - 46 pages.

:: The Year book of British Columbia and manual of provincial information
(1911) - R. E. Gosnell - 430 pages.

:: British Columbia in the making
(1913) - John Bensley Thornhill - 236 pages.

:: A history and geography of British Columbia
(1906) - Lawson and Young - 160 pages.

:: Athalmer; the sunny city of British Columbia
(19xx) - 24 pages.

:: Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon Territory Distribution
(January 1, 1941) - 169 pages.

:: Sunset Canada, British Columbia and beyond
(1918) - Archie Bell - 470 pages.

:: The Call of the West - letters from British Columbia
(1916) - 1174 pages.

:: B.C. 1887, a ramble in British Columbia
(1888) - J. A. Lees and W. J. Clutterbuck - 444 pages.

:: Vancouver Island and British Columbia - their history, resources, and prospects
(1865) - Matthew Macfie - 610 pages.

:: British Columbia, its history, people, commerce, industries, and resources
(1912) - Henry Boam - 512 pages.

:: History of British Columbia from its earliest discovery to the present time
(1894) - Alevander Begg - 592 pages.

:: The history of the northern interior of British Columbia (formerly New Caledonia), (1660 to 1880)
(188x) - Rev. A. G. Morice - 432 pages.

:: Among the people of British Columbia - red, white, yellow, and brown
(1903) - Frances Herring - 368 pages.

:: The sea of mountains, an account of Lord Dufferin's tour through British Columbia in 1876
(1877) - Molyneux St. John - 348 pages.

:: Impressions of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada : the "Empress" city of the golden west
(1907) - 16 pages.

:: Overland to Cariboo, an eventful journey of Canadian pioneers to the goldfields of British Columbia in 1862
(1896) - Margaret McNaughton - 188 pages.

:: Life at Puget Sound : with sketches of travel in Washington territory, British Columbia, Oregon, and California, 1865-1881
(1884) - Caroline Leighton - 286 pages.

:: Among the Selkirk glaciers, being the account of a rough survey in the Rocky Mountain regions of British Columbia
(1890) - W. S. Green - 298 pages.

:: From Euston to Klondike : the narrative of a journey through British Columbia and the North-West Territory in the summer of 1898
(1898) - Julis Ergs - 328 pages.

:: Compiled from the Year book of British Columbia and manual of provincial information : to which is added a chapter containing much special information respecting the Canadian Yukon and northern territory generally
(1897) - R. E. Gosnell - 476 pages.

:: Mining Camps of British Columbia : a souvenir of Rossland, Nelson, Greenwood, Phoenix, Grand Forks, Kaslo, Revelstoke, Cranbrook, Fernie and the Kootenay, Boundary and Crow's Nest Districts ; illustrated with fifty excellent views of typical scenes
(1900) - 36 pages.

:: Wrigley's British Columbia directory : a gazetteer of cities, towns, villages, stations, post offices, settlements, islands, rivers, lakes, capes, bays and mountains of the Province, described in alphabetical order, followed by a directory of firms, professional men, leading citizens, farmers, fruit-growers, stock-raisers, miners, and fishermen
(1918) - 970 pages.

:: Sunset Canada, British Columbia and beyond; an account of its settlement, its progress from the early days to the present, including a review of the Hudsons bay company, its amazing variety of climate, its charm of landscape, its unique cities and attractive towns and their industries, a survey of the different peoples to be found there, including the Japanese and Doukhobors, and analysis of what it offers in opportunity to the home seeker, the agriculturist, the business man, the sportsman and the traveller
(1918) - Archie Bell - 470 pages.

:: Lovell's gazetteer of British North America : containing the latest and most authentic descriptions of over 8900 cities towns, villages, and places in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, the North-West Territories and Newfoundland; and general information, drawn from official sources, as to names, locality, extent, etc., of over 2980 lakes and rivers, with a table of routes showing the proximity of the railroad stations, and sea, lake, and river ports, to the cities, towns, villages, etc., in the several provinces
(1895) - 658 pages.

:: Biographical dictionary of well-known British Columbians : with a historical sketch

:: Report and proceedings - Volume 1
(1923) - 38 pages.

:: Report and proceedings - Volume 3
(1925) - 75 pages.

:: Report and proceedings - Volume 4
(1929) - 70 pages.

:: Legends of Vancouver
(1911) - E. Pauline Johnson - 116 pages.

:: Up and down the north Pacific coast by canoe and mission ship
(1914) - Rev. Thomas Crosby - 470 pages.

:: The land of the Muskeg
(1895) - H. Somers Somerset - 302 pages.

:: The New Empire - Volume 1
(1911) - 56 pages.

:: Sir James Douglas
(1908) - R.E. Coats and R. E. Gosnell - 390 pages. (1908)

:: Blazing the trail through the Rockies, the story of Walter Moberly and his share in the making of Vancouver
(19xx) - Noel Robinson and The Old Man Himself - 126 pages.

:: Wrigley's British Columbia directory Part 1
(1920) - 1288 pages.

:: Wrigley's British Columbia directory Part 2
(1920) - 1286 pages.

:: 90 Rare Maps of Canada

Bonus Map Collection

vintage literature reproductions

This is a wonderful collection of all the maps, charts, plans, and particular surveys, that have been published of Canada, totaling ninety {90} rare map images. Truly an amazing, one of a kind collection, that will keep you enthralled for many hours.

The maps are provided to you in high resolution {22:1 scale} which allow you to zoom into selected areas, print or export the maps to other programs using the provided software (ONE minute installation!!).

Included is the free Mr. Sid map viewer (Windows Computers Only) which allows you to enlarge each map and view them in minute detail.

All files are in Mr. Sid format viewable on any computer. These books CANNOT be viewed on a TV DVD player.

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