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Decorum, A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress {1877} on CD

Decorum, A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress {1877} on CD
Name: Decorum, A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress {1877} on CD
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Decorum, A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress {1877} on CD

From 1877 - Decorum, A Practical Treatise on Etiquette and Dress of the Best American Society" by S.L. Lewis presented on a Gift Quality CD.

Chapters Include:


The Good Will of Women, Social Connection, Being Natural, With Whom to Associate, What to Tolerate, Common Place Speech, Modesty, Respectful Deference, Ease of Manner, Distinctions in Conduct, Long Usage, Selecting Company, Good Sense, Qualities of a Gentleman, Whom to imitate


By Relatives, Saluting and Shaking Hands, First Introduction, Second or Subsequent Meeting, Obligations of--After an Introduction, While Traveling, Introductory Letter to Ladies, Receipt of Introductory Letters, Requesting a Letter of * to Society* Bestowing of Titles, Proper Forms of, Ceremonious Phrases, Casual Introductions, Speak Distinctly, Introduction of a Lady to Gentlemen, In Other Countries, With Permission, Without Permission, Meeting on the Street, Morning Visitors, Introducing Yourself, Assisting a Lady in Difficulty


Forms of Salutations, of Different Nations, Words of Salutations, Foreigners Salutations, on the Street, Meeting on the Street, Bow of Civility, Saluting Ladies, Etiquette of Hand Shaking, The Kiss, The Kiss of Respect, The Kiss of Friends, Women Kissing in Public


The Value of Knowledge, A Good Conscience, Good Character, A Well Informed Man, Liberal and Scientific Information, Leisure Moments, Softening Natural Ferocity, The Arts of Peace, Differences in Social Intercourse, Slight Reflections, Improving by Conversation, Be Not Too Confident, Narrow and Limited Views, Consulting with Others, Difference of Opinion


Subjects to be Avoided, Talk to People of Their Own Affairs, Avoid Talking Too Much of Their Professions, Avoid Classical Quotations, Modulation, Slang, Using Proverbs and Puns, Avoid Long Arguements, Interrupting a Person While Speaking, Whispering in Society, Make the Topic of Conversation Known, Witticisms, Avoid Unfamiliar Subjects, Introducing Anecdotes, Correct Pronunciation, Avoid Repeating, Cultivating the Mind, Music, A Low Voice, Talk Well about Trifles, Double Entendres, indelicate Words and Expressions, Profanity, Listening, The Best Kind of Conversation, Interjections, Avoid Wounding the Feelings of Others, Affectations, Use Plain Words, Avoid Wit Which Wounds, Proper Reserve, Professional Pecularites, Modesty, Conversing with Ladies

:: VISITS...

Visits of Congratulation, of Ceremony or Calls, Calling at an Incovient Hour, Visiting at Hotels, Visiting the Sick, Condolence Calls, Before Going Abroad, Gentlemen's Morning Call, Cards for Visits, Calling on Strangers, Engaged or Not at Home, Evening Visits, Ceremonious Visits, Suitable Times, How to Treat Visitors, Taking a Seat While Visiting, Taking a Friend, Priviledges of Ladies, Visiting Alone, Respect Towards the Aged and Feeble, Laying Aside the Bonnet, Untentional Intrusions


Invitations, Reply To, Arriving too Late, Manners at Table, Dress Neatly for Dinner Party, How Long to Remain, Number of Guests, Manner of Writing Invitations, Invitations Accepted, Declined, Invitation to Tea Party, Introduction of Guests, Arranging of Guests, Praising Every Dish, Picking Your Teeth at Table--Duties of Host and Hostess, Paring Fruit for a Lady, Dipping Bread, Soup, Fish, General Rules Regarding Dinner, Monopolizing Conversation, Signal for Leaving the Table, Dancing, Giving a Ball, Choice of Guests, Issuing Invitations, Prejudices Against Dancing, Variety of Toilette, Choice of Attire, Evening Party, The Cloak Room, When to Arrive, Refusing to Dance, How to Ask a Lady to Dance, Talking Too Much, Wall Flowers, Duties of Gentlemen, Duty of Ladies, Grace and Modesty, Private Party, Public Balls, Visit of Thanks, Deportment in Public Places


Recognizing Friends on the Street, Omitting to Recognize Acquaintances, Shaking Hands with a Lady, Young Ladies Conduct on the Street, Conduct While Shopping, Taking off your Glove, Crossing a Muddy Street, Expensive Dress in the Street, Carriage of a Lady in Public, Demanding Attention, Stopping a Lady on the Street, Giving the Arm, When to Offer the Arm, Returning a Salute, Passing Before a Lady, Corner Loafers, Shouting, Gentlemen Walking With a Lady, Crossing the Street, Ascending a Mountain, Smoking While Walking, Taking off Your Hat


Etiquette of Riding, Riding in Public Places, Riding with Ladies, Assisting a Lady to Mount, Pace in Riding, Meeting Friends on Horseback, Meeting a Lady, Assisting a Lady to Alight From a Horse, Entering a Carriage, Assisting a Lady Into a Carriage

:: TRAVELING... A Lady Traveling Alone, Social Intercourse While Traveling, Etiquette on Street Cars, Etiquette of Ferry Boats, Duties of Ladies to Other Ladies While Traveling, Selfishness of Ladies


Church Etiquette, Visiting an Artist, Conduct in Picture Galleries, Invitation to Opera or Concert, Conduct in Opera, Theatre or Public Hall, Church or Fancy Fairs, Picnics, How to Dress, Duties of Gentlemen, Boating, Rowing, Ladies Rowing


Letters of Introduction, Letters of Friendship, The Family Letter, Parents to Children, Letters of Love, Letters of Business, Letters of Invitation, General Advice to Letter Writers


Charms for Procuring Love, A Woman's Judgement, Love and Marriage, Usages of Society, Love a Universal Passion, A Ladies Position, A Gentleman's Position, Conduct of a Gentleman Towards Ladies, Premature Declaration, Love at First Sight, Trifling with a Man's Feelings, A Poor Triumph, A Still Greater Crime, The Rejected Lover, Duty of a Rejected Lover, Unmanly Conduct, Encouraging the Address of a Gentleman, Proposal of Marriage, Forms for Proposals, Asking Papa, An Engagement Ring, The Relations of an Engaged Couple, Demonstrations of Affection, Keeping Late Hours, A Domineering Lover, Breaking an Engagement, The Marriage Ceremony, General Rules, Congratulation, Ceremony in Church, Leaving the Church, Marriage Fees, Let Joy be Unconfined, The Wedding Breakfast, Sending Cards, Wedding Cards, Calling on a Newly Married Couple


uties of the Wife, Avoid all Cause for Complaint, Beware of Confidants, Regarding Money Matters, How to Keep a Home, Avoid Concealment, Avoid all Bickerings, Becoming Conduct for a Wife, Duties of a Husband, Things to Remember, Accompany Your Wife to Church, A Breach of Domestic Etiquette, Avoid Unneccesary Interference, Be Always Ready to Praise, Avoid Comparisons


The Breakfast Table, General Rules for Behavior at Table, Luncheon, Dinner


Presents Among Friends, Presents to Married Ladies, Present by Married Lady, Refusing a Gift, Governing our Moods, Civility Due to all Women, Keeping Engagements, Requisites to Gain Esteem, Contempt and Hautghtiness, Talking to Yourself, A Filthy Habit, Avoid Loud Conversation, Consulting Your Time Piece, Removing the Hat, Smoking in Presence of Ladies, Relinquishing a Seat for a Lady, Avoid Religious Topics, Attention to Young People, Absent Mindedness, Affectation, Confidence and Secresy, A Woman's Good Name, Singing in Company, Gentlemen at Evening Parties, Self Control, Good Maxims, Politeness, Washington's Maxims, Principles of Good Breeding


Presidential Receptions, Private Calls on the President, Social Duties of Cabinet Officers and Their Families, Social Duties of Congressman and Their Families


Paper, Wooden, Tin, Crystal, China, Silver, Golden, Diamond, Presents at Anniversary Weddings, Invitations to Anniversary Weddings, Funerals, Dress, Harmony of Color in Dress, The Toilette, Hints on the Improvement and Display of Female Beauty, Servants, Home Decoration, Amusements, Etiquette with Children, Etiquette for Baptism, Etiquette of the Studio, Precious Stones and Finger-Rings with Sentiments, Flowers and Their Sentiments, Toilet Recipes.


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