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Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes {1872} on CD

Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes {1872} on CD
Name: Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes {1872} on CD
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Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes {1872} on CD

Encyclopedia of practical receipts and processes, containing over 6400 receipts, embracing thorough information in plain language applicable to almost every possible industrial and domestic requirement, by William B. Dick.

In the Victorian era our ancestors were likely to have a self-help book of a different sort sitting on their bookshelves. Self-sufficiency was paramount, as people didn’t have the option of running to the store every time they needed something. Most everything was done or made from scratch at home. Of course, folks in the nineteenth century didn’t have the Internet to refer to either when they needed a recipe or instructions on how to do something. As a result their ‘self-help’ book of choice — a handy reference such as Dick’s Encyclopedia — was almost as necessary to a well-run home as food or water.

This massive volume holds an enormous wealth of information, knowledge, instructions and advice. In fact, there are over 6400 formulas, instructions and recipes — or receipts as they were called in the Victorian days. This formulary, compiled by author, William B. Dick, began as a collection of tried and true popular and domestic recipes and grew to include the artistic and scientific receipts as well. Dozens of authorities were consulted in order to put together this fascinating guide.

Here's an example of some of the practical preparations, recipes, and instructions included in this content rich tome:

:: Pyrotechnics

:: Dyes, pigments and painting

:: Soap making

:: Candle making

:: Pickling

:: Preserves

:: Flavored Vinegars

:: Confectionary

:: Cheesemaking

:: Spices, condiments, sauces and more!

:: Tanning

:: Brewing

:: Home made wines, liquors and liqueurs

:: Flavoring extracts and essences

:: Perfumery

:: Cosmetics and beauty recipes

:: Grooming aid receipts

:: Honey

:: Vinegars

:: Preserving

:: Gardening

:: Woodwork

:: Photography

:: Gilding and silvering

:: Medicinal receipts and so much more!

Learn how to Make Plain Chocolate ~ French Chocolate ~ Spanish Aromatic Chocolate ~ Spanish Almond and Vanilla Chocolate ~ To Grind Vanilla Beans ~ Molasses Candy ~ To Make Taffee ~ To Make Molasses Taffee ~ Everton Taffee ~ Chewing Gum ~ Chewing Gum from Paraffine ~ To Make Cream Rise ~ To Clear all Kinds of Sugar ~ To Keep a Churn from Frothing Over ~ To Make French Coffee

:: Honey ~ Beeswax Products
To Purify Honey ~ Rebling's Method of Purifying Honey ~ Vogel's Method of Purifying Honey ~ To Clarify Honey ~ Siller's Method of Clarifying Honey ~ To Clarify Honey ~ Shute's Artificial Honey ~ Cuba Honey ~ Artificial Honey ~ Excellent Honey ~ To Test the Purity of Honey ~ To Bleach Wax ~ To Bleach Wax ~ French Method of Bleaching Bees' Wax ~ Italian Method of Bleaching Bees' Wax ~ To Detect Spermaceti in Wax ~ To Detect Japanese Wax in Bees' Wax ~ To Refine Bees' Wax ~ To Refine Wax ~ To Color Bees' Wax ~ To Color Bees' Wax ~ Factitious, or Imitation Bees' Wax ~ Braconot's Method of Making Artificial Wax ~ Modeling Wax ~ Wax for Polishing Floors

:: Cheesemaking
To Collect the Curd in Making Cheese ~ To Make Cream Cheese ~ Rennet ~ Essence of Rennet ~ Condensed Milk

:: Preservatives
To Dry Fresh Meat ~ To Smoke Meat ~ Smoking Fluid ~ To Dry-Salt and Pickle Meat ~ Pickle to Give Meat a Red Color ~ To Salt Meat by Injection ~ Pelouze's Process of Preserving Meat ~ To Cure Hams ~ To Cure Beef and Pork ~ Brine or Pickle for Pork, etc ~ Liebig's Extract of Meat ~ To Preserve Meat with Vinegar ~ To Can Meat ~ To Keep Meat Fresh ~ Preservation of Hams ~ To Make Carbolic Acid Paper for Preserving Meats ~ To Preserve Fish Fresh with Sugar ~ Aseptin ~ Sportsman's Beef ~ Preservation of Meat ~ To Keep Dead Poultry, etc, Fresh ~ To Preserve or Cure Butter ~ To Preserve Butter by Salting ~ To Preserve Butter by Salting ~ To Preserve Butter from the Air ~ To Preserve Butter Sweet ~ To Restore Rancid Butter ~ To Improve Strong Butter ~ To Preserve Milk ~ To Keep Milk Sweet ~ Preservation of Eggs ~ To Preserve Eggs ~ To Distinguish Good Eggs ~ To Preserve by Alcohol ~ German Soup Tablets ~ To Can Fresh Fruit ~ To Insure Success in Canning Fruit ~ To Can Berries ~ To Expel the Air from Cans ~ To Keep Fruit Fresh in Jars ~ To Can Peaches by the Cold Process ~ To Dry Apples, Pears and other Fruits ~ To Keep Apples and Pears Fresh ~ To Keep Fruit Fresh ~ Preservation of Fruit in Glycerine ~ To Restore and Improve Musty Flour ~ To Keep Game and much more!

:: Vinegar
To Make Vinegar by the German, or Quick Method ~ How to Make a Vinegar Generator ~ How to Pack a Vinegar Generator ~ Mode of Acetifying Shavings ~ Mode of Manufacturing Vinegar ~ Useful Hints to Those Making Vinegar by the Quick Method ~ To Make Vinegar Quickly ~ To Make Good Cider Vinegar ~ To Make Alcohol Vinegar ~ Artus' Process for the Manufacture of Vinegar ~ To Improve Alcohol Vinegar ~ To Keep Up a Constant Supply of Cheap Vinegar ~ To Make Vinegar in Three Weeks ~ Distilled Vinegar ~ To Make Vinegar from Sugar ~ Tests for Vinegar ~ To Strengthen Weak Vinegar ~ To Determine the Strength of Vinegar ~ To Deprive Vinegar and Other Vegetable Liquids of their Color ~ To Prepare Animal Charcoal to Decolorize Vinegar and other Vegetable Liquids ~

:: Spices, Sauces, Catsups, and Pickles
Soy ~ Epicurean Sauce ~ Kitchener's Sauce Superlative ~ To Make Quin Sauce ~ To Make Harvey's Sauce ~ Worcestershire Sauce ~ Indian Curry ~ Italian Tamara ~ Bengal Chutney ~ Kitchener's Essence of Soup Herbs ~ Essence of Savory Spices ~ Tincture of Savory Spices ~ Cautions in the Preparation of Catsups, etc ~ Mushroom Catsup ~ Tomato Catsup ~ Tomato Catsup ~ Walnut Catsup ~ Tarragon Vinegar ~ Cress and Celery Vinegars ~ Horseradish Vinegar ~ Garlic Vinegar ~ Shallot Vinegar ~ Chili Vinegar ~ Camp Vinegars ~ Curry Vinegar ~ Superfine Raspberry Vinegar ~ Fine Raspberry Vinegar ~ Raspberry Vinegar ~ Raspberry Vinegar from Raspberry Syrup ~ Eschalot Wine ~ Table Mustard ~ Le Normand's Superior Table Mustard ~ Soyer's Table Mustard ~ Moutarde a` l'Estragon ~ Moutarde Superbe ~ To Make Cayenne Pepper ~ Pickles ~ Spiced Vinegar for Pickles Generally ~ Pickled Cauliflower ~ Pickled Cucumbers ~ Pickled Onions ~ Pickled Onions ~ Pickled Peppers ~ Beetroot Pickles ~ Pickled Walnuts ~ Pickled White Cabbage ~ Pickled Red Cabbage ~ Pickled Nasturtiums, French, Beans ~ Pickled Mushrooms ~ Pickled Tomatoes ~ Imitation Pickled Mangoes ~ Piccalilli, Indian, or Mixed Pickle ~ Mixed Pickle

:: The Art of Dyeing
How to dye woods, Preparing annotto, Preparing catechu, Making nitrate of copper solution, Making sulphate of indigo, Making indigo extract, Making red liquor, Making caustic potash, Making caustic soda, Making bleaching liquor, Making a sour, Making cochineal liquor or paste, Acide preparations of tin, Red spirits, Yellow spirits, Barwood spirit, Plumb spirit, Plumb spirit for woolen dyeing, Tin spirits, Alum plumb, How to test the purity of alum, Nitrate of iron, Chloride of iron, Making iron liquor, Making up a blue vat, Making blue stone, Making solutions for dyeing, Preparing cotton yarn for dyeing, Bleaching cotton yarn, Preparing cotton cloth for dyeing, Bleaching cotton cloth, Removing oil stains, Removing iron stains, Removing mildew from cotton, Removing indelible ink marks, Indigo blue dye for yarn, Sky blue dye for cotton goods, Royal blue, Blue, Iron buff or nankeen, Nankeen or buff dye for cotton goods, General receipts for dyeing cotton, Common black, Jet black, Blue black, Spirit yellow, Spirit brown, Mordant brown, Cinnamon brown, Uvanterin brown, Fawn brown, Catechu brown, Catechu chocolates, Chocolate or French brown, Catechu fawns, Common red, Barwood red, Scarlet, Common crimson, Light straw, Annotto orange, Green with Prussian blue, Sage green, Olive or bottle green, Lilac or puce, Light purple, Purple, Lavender or peach, Logwood lilac, Common drab, Stone color, Lemon color, Deep yellow, Deep amber color, French process for dyeing turkey red, Violet, Preparation and dyeing of woolens, Pigeon blue, Apple green, Wine color, Invisible green, Preparing and dyeing silk, French black, Bronze brown, Pink, Ruby, Maroon, Lavendar, Gold, Salmon, Flesh, To dye mixed fabrics two colors, To dye mixed fabrics one color and so much more!

:: The Art of Soap Making
To make soap-maker’s lye, To make soap, Hard and soft soap, Common yellow soap, Beef tallow, Mutton suet, Lard, Bone fat, Coconut oil, Palm oil, To clarify fat used in making fine or toilet soaps, To grain or granulate tallow, To purify tallow and other fats, To purify bone fat, To keep tallow from turning rancid, To preserve grease, To bleach palm oil, Filled soap, To make tallow soap using the French method, Tallow resin soap, To make resin soap, Coconut oil soap, Palm oil soap, To make soap from grained tallow, Dawson’s patent composite soap, Chemical soap, To make hard white tallow soap, To make home-made caustic soda, To make domestic soap, To make homemade soap, Ox-gall soap

:: Toilet Soaps
To refine soap for making toilet soap, To perfume cut and stamp toilet soap, To marble soap, Almond soap, White Windsor soap, Brown Windsor soap, Honey soap, Imitation honey soap, Frangipani soap, Rose soap, Savon au Bouquet, Poncine soap, Spermaceti soap, Palm soap, Floating soap, Transparent soap, Glycerin soap, Musk soap, Orange flower soap, Cinnamon soap, Glycerin soap balls, Sand soap balls, Mottled soap balls, Mercurial soap, Sulphur soap, Whale-oil soap to destroy insects, Carbolic acid soap,

:: Soap By The Cold Process
To make soap by the cold process general instructions, White soap, Almond soap, Ordinary coconut oil soap, Paris toilet tablet soap, Shaving soap, Washing soap, and much more!

:: Soft Soaps
Fig soap, Shaving cream, Rypophagon soap, Essence of soap, Soft olive oil soap, White soft soap, To make good common soft soap, Shaker method of making soft soap, To make good lye, To make soft soap, To pulverize hard soap, and much more!

:: The Art of Candlemaking
To make candle wicks, To make molded candles, To make dip candles, Tallow for making candles, To make lard candles, To harden tallow candles, To harden tallow by capaccioni’s process, To harden and whiten tallow for summer use, To harden tallow for making candles, To harden tallow with resin

:: The Art of Brewing
Brewing Utensils ~ Mashing ~ Boiling ~ Cooling ~ Fermentation ~ Cleansing ~ Important Hints on Brewing ~ Flavoring Beer ~ Porter Brewing for Families ~ Hints on Fermentation ~ The Acetous Fermentation ~ To Correct Acidity in Beer ~ Bittern ~ Bitter Balls ~ Fining for Ale or Beer ~ To Ascertain Whether Malt Liquor may be Clarified by Fining ~ To Clarify Obstinate Ale ~ To Ripen Beer ~ To Give Beer the Appearance of Age ~ Beer Heading ~ To Remedy Mustiness in Beer ~ To Remedy Flatness in Beer ~ To Recover Frosted Beer ~ Foxing or Bucking Beer ~ To Remedy Ropiness in Beer ~ German Beer Bouquet ~ Spring Beer ~ Spruce Beer ~ To Make White Spruce Beer ~ To Make Wood's Spruce Beer ~ To Make Spruce Beer ~ Essence of Spruce ~ Root Beer ~ Puffer's Root Beer ~ Hot Drops ~ To Make Ottawa Root Beer ~ To Make Superior Ginger Beer ~ To Make Ginger Beer ~ Ginger Beer Without Yeast ~ Limoniated Ginger Beer ~ Ginger Beer Powders ~ Spruce Beer Powders

:: Homemade Wines
The Use of Glycerine in Wine ~ Electricity as an Agent for improving Whiskey and Wines ~ ~ General Receipt for the Preparation of Homemade Wine from Ripe Saccharine Fruits* ~ General Receipt for Making Wine from Dry Saccharine Fruit ~ Imitation Champagne ~ To Make Blackberry Wine ~ Cider Wine ~ Honey or Mead Wine ~ Specimen Process to Make Unripe Grape, Currant, Gooseberry and Rhubarb Wine ~ Ripe Gooseberry Wine ~ Ginger Wine ~ Ginger Wine ~ To Make Aromatic Ginger Wine ~ To Make Ten Gallons of Ginger Wine ~ Simple Receipt for Making Grape Wine ~ Fine Grape Wine ~ To Fine Wine Difficult to Clarify, or Thick in Consequence of an Imperfect Fermentation ~ To Fine Madeira or any kind of Wine with Isinglass ~ To Fine White Wine with Eggs ~ To Fine Red Wine ~ To Fine a Pipe of Port Wine ~ To Fine Wine, Cider, Ale, or Porter ~ To Decolor Wine ~ To Remedy Ropiness in Wine ~ To Ripen Wine ~ To Remedy Sour Wine ~ To Restore Pricked or Decaying Wine ~ To Remedy Excessive Acidity in German Wine ~ To Restore Sour Wine with Potash ~ To Test Wines Beginning to Decompose ~ Remedy for Decomposition in Wines ~ Sweating In and Fretting In Wine ~ To Remove Mustiness from Wine ~ Pasteur's Method of Preserving Wines ~ To Determine the Nature of Acidity in Wine ~ Parent's Method of Preserving Wine ~ Antiferments ~ Antiferments for Cider ~ Antiferments for Cider, Wine, Malt Liquors ~ To Induce Fermentation ~ To Arrest Fermentation

:: Cordials Or Liqueurs
Cordials Made by Maceration, or with Essential Oils ~ To Make Doppelt Kummel or Caraway ~ To Make Anisette ~ To Make Curacoa ~ To Make Maraschino ~ Superfine Maraschino ~ Maraschino ~ Maraschino ~ Curacoa d'Hollande ~ Curacao ~ Champion Anisette ~ Anisette ~ Anise Seed Cordial ~ Malliorca d'Espagne ~ Blackberry Brandy ~ Blackberry Brandy ~ Cherry Brandy ~ Peach ~ Imperial Peach Brandy ~ Peppermint Brandy ~ Kirschenwasser ~ Caraway Cordial ~ Ratafia ~ To Prepare Cherry Juice by Infusion ~ To Prepare Cherry Juice for Boiling ~ To Make Cherry Bounce (Superfine) ~ To make Cherry Bounce (Second Quality) ~ To Make Guignolet, or French Cherry Bounce ~ Cordials by Distillation ~ To Make Absinthe by Distillation ~ Absinthe by Distillation ~ SuperfineCuracoa ~ Coloring for Curacoa ~ Superfine Maraschino ~ Boitard's Anisette ~ Chauvet's Anisette ~ Marasquino di Zara ~ Malliorca d'Espagne ~ Elixir Vegetal de la Grande Chartreuse ~ Fining with Isinglass for Cordials ~ Fining with Eggs for Cordials ~ Fining with Potash for Cordials ~ Fining with Alum for Cordials ~ Filter Bags for Cordials ~ The Aroma of Cordials ~ Imitation Peach Brandy ~ Liqueur de la Grande Chartreuse ~ Doppel Kummel ~ To Improve Cheap Bourbon ~ Peach Flavoring for Whiskey by a New Method

:: Spirits ~ Cocktails ~ Eggnogs
Brandy Punch ~ Whiskey Punch ~ Claret Punch ~ Sherry Cobbler ~ Egg Nogg ~ Bottle Cocktail ~ Brandy Smash ~ Santa Cruz Sour ~ Mulled Wine with Eggs ~ Regent Punch ~ Bottle Wax ~ Corking ~ Distillation of Whiskey and New England Rum ~ How to Prepare Yeast for Rye Whiskey or New England Bum ~ To Prepare Yeast for New England Rum ~ To Prepare Yeast for Rye Whiskey ~ How to Prepare Mash for New England Bum ~ How to Prepare Mash for Rye Whiskey ~ Distillation with or without a Heater ~ How to Pack a Rectifying Tub ~ To Make Imitation Bay Rum ~ West India Bay Rum ~ Cheap Bay Rum

:: Champagne
~ To Make a Filter for Filtering Wines ~ To Make Syrup for Champagne "Wine ~ To Prepare Isinglass for Fining Wines ~ To Prepare Champagne Wine for Charging ~ To Charge Champagne with Gas ~ Catawba Champagne ~ California Champagne ~ Scuppernong Champagne ~ Imitation French Champagne ~ Cheap Champagne ~ Cheap Champagne

:: Bitters
To Make French Cognac Bitters ~ To Make Angostura Bitters ~ Amazon Bitters ~ Boker's Bitters ~ Stoughton Bitters ~ Stoughton Bitters ~ Wild Cherry Bitters ~ To Make Peruvian Bitters ~ Brandy Bitters ~ Nonpareil Bitters ~ Spanish Bitters ~ Aromatic Bitters ~ Stomach Bitters ~ Hamburg Bitters ~ Bitters made with Essences ~ Bitter Filter ~ Orange Bitters

:: Cider
To Press the Apples ~ Sweet or Unfermented Cider ~ To Preserve Cider ~ Rules for Making Good Pure Cider ~ To Make Good Fermented Cider ~ To Make Fine Cider by Another Process ~ To Prepare Casks for Cider ~ Canned Cider ~ To Cleanse Cider Barrels ~ To Clarify and Improve Cider ~ To Bottle Cider ~ Champagne Cider ~ Fine Champagne Cider ~ Champagne Cider ~ To Imitate Champagne Cider ~ How to Imitate Cider ~ To Imitate Sweet Cider ~ Cheap Imitation Cider ~ Cheap-made Cider ~ To Keep Cider Sweet ~ To Clear Cider ~ To Clean a Foul, Sour Cask, and Restore the Taste of the Wood ~ To Make Barrels Tight

:: Soda Pops ~ Lemonades ~ Punch
To Make Ginger Pop ~ To Make Ginger Pop ~ Wahoo Beer ~ Lemon Beer ~ Imperial Pop ~ Sherbet ~ Raspberry Shrub ~ Aerated or Effervescing Lemonade ~ Effervescing Lemonade, without a Machine ~ Plain Lemonade in Powder ~ To Make Superior Lemonade ~ To Make Orangeade ~ Imitation Lemon Juice ~ Imitation Lemon Juice ~ Imitation Orange Juice ~ To Keep Lemon Juice ~ Portable Lemonade ~ Lemonade Powders ~ Lemon Soda Nectar ~ Milk Punch

:: Imitation Liquors
Prune flavoring for liquors ~ Raisin flavoring for liquors ~ St. John’s bread flavoring for liquors ~ Orange peel flavoring for liquors ~ Vanilla flavorings for liquors ~ Orris root flavoring for liquors ~ Sassafras flavoring for liquors ~ Hickory nut flavoring for liquors ~ Coffee flavoring ~ Peach flavoring ~ How to prepare essence of cognac ~ To imitate brandy with essence of cognac ~ Simple test for alcohol in oil of cognac ~ Highly flavored domestic brandy ~ Imitation cognac brandy ~ Imitation brandy ~ Imitation French brandy ~ Imitation pale brandy ~ Imitation bourbon whiskey ~ Imitation rye whiskey ~ Imitation Scotch whiskey ~ To impart a smoky flavor to whiskey ~ To give the appearance of age to brandy barrels ~ To make caramel ~ Wax putty for leaky casks and bungs ~ Imitation Schiedam gin ~ Imitation Old Tom London gin ~ Imitation Santa Cruz rum ~ Imitation Batavia Arrack ~ Imitation Jamaica rum ~ To make spirit finings ~ To clarify gin or cordials ~ To make rum punch ~ To make wine punch and more!

:: Syrups
Clarification of Sugar for Syrups ~ Filters for Syrups ~ To make a Conical Filter ~ Quantity of Sugar Used in Making Syrups ~ Amount of Heat to be Employed in Making Syrups ~ Table of Specific Gravities of Syrups ~ To Determine the Density of Syrup ~ To Preserve Syrups ~ To Prevent Syrup from Candying ~ To Prevent Syrup from Fermenting ~ To Bleach Syrup ~ Degrees of Boiling Sugar ~ To Make Syrups for the Manufacture of Cordials and Liquors ~ Plain Syrup ~ Gum Syrup ~ Raspberry Syrup ~ Imitation Raspberry Syrup ~ Parrish's Strawberry Syrup ~ Lemon Syrup ~ Orgeat Syrup ~ Arrack Punch Syrup ~ Syrup of Coffee ~ Cinnamon Syrup ~ Sirop Capillaire ~ Cherry Syrup ~ Syrup of Orange Peel ~ Punch Syrup ~

:: Syrups for Soda or Mineral Waters
Simple Syrup ~ Simple Syrup ~ Lemon Syrup ~ Lemon Syrup ~ Sarsaparilla Syrup ~ Sarsaparilla Syrup ~ Parrish's Syrup of Sarsaparilla for Mineral Waters ~ Ginger Syrup ~ Ginger Syrup ~ Vanilla Syrup ~ Vanilla Syrup ~ Wild Cherry Syrup ~ Wild Cherry Syrup ~ Strawberry Syrup ~ Strawberry Syrup ~ Strawberry Syrup ~ Fruit Acid (used in some of the syrups) ~ Strawberry Syrup Without the Fruit ~ Raspberry Syrup ~ Blackberry Syrup ~ Pineapple Syrup ~ Pineapple Syrup ~ Wintergreen Syrup ~ Maple Syrup ~ Chocolate Syrup ~ Orange Syrup ~ Pear Syrup ~ Apple Syrup ~ Banana Syrup ~ Grape Syrup ~ Orgeat Syrup ~ Imitation Orgeat Syrup ~ Orange-Flower Syrup ~ Coffee Syrup ~ Nectar Syrup ~ Nectar Syrup ~ Sherbet Syrup ~ Ambrosia Syrup ~ Hock and Claret Syrup ~ Solferino Syrup ~ Cream Syrups ~ Simple Cream Syrup ~ Taylor's Cream Syrup ~ Hubbell's Cream Syrup ~ Cream Syrup ~ Imitation Cream Syrup ~ Cream Syrup ~ Vanilla Cream Syrup ~ Coffee Cream Syrup ~ Nectar Cream Syrup ~

:: Alcohol
Proof Spirit ~ Dilute Alcohol ~ Alcohol ~ Stronger Alcohol ~ Amylic Alcohol ~ Absolute Alcohol ~ Chemical Method of Procuring Absolute Alcohol ~ To Increase the Strength of Common Alcohol ~ To Test the Purity of Alcohol ~ To Free Alcohol from Fusel Oil ~ To Deodorise Whiskey or Alcohol and free it from Fusel Oil ~ To Filter Alcohol ~ To Test the Strength of Alcohol ~ Arithmetical Rules for the Treatment of Alcohol ~ To Ascertain the Cost of any Quantity of Alcohol ~ To Ascertain How Much Water Should be Added to Spirits ~ To Ascertain the Quantity of Pure or Absolute Alcohol in any Given Amount of Liquor ~ To Ascertain the Number of Gallons at any Required Number Below Proof, in any Given Number of Proof Gallons ~ To Increase the Strength, of a Spirit from any Degree to a Higher given Degree, or Percentage ~ To Reduce Spirit a Given Number Above Proof to a Required Number Below Proof, by the Addition of Water ~ To Reduce High Proof Spirit to a Required Lower Proof, by the Addition of Water ~ To Reduce Spirit of a Given Number Above Proof to a Required Number Below Proof, by the Substitution of Water for Spirit ~ To Reduce Spirit of a Given Number Above Proof to Proof Spirit, by the Substitution of Water for Spirit ~ To Raise Spirit of a Given Number Under Proof to a Required Strength Above Proof, by the Substitution of High Proof Spirit ~ To Raise Spirit of a Given Number Below Proof to Proof Spirit, by the Substitution of High Proof Spirit ~ To Raise Spirit of a Given Number Above Proof to a Still Higher Degree of Strength, by the Addition of High Proof Spirit ~ To Reduce Low Proof Spirit to a Still Lower Proof, by the Addition of Water ~ To Raise a Low Proof Spirit to a Higher Required Proof by the Addition of High Proof Spirit

:: To Prepare Flavoring Extracts
Lemon Extract ~ Orange Extract ~ Extract of Bitter Almonds ~ To Neutralize the Poison in Extract of Bitter Almonds ~ Extract of Rose ~ Extract of Cinnamon ~ Extract of Nutmegs ~ Extract of Ginger ~ Extract of Black Pepper ~ Extract of Capsicum ~ Extract of Coriander ~ Extract of Vanilla ~ Extract of Celery ~ Extract of Soup-herbs *

:: Artificial Fruit Essences
Peach Essence ~ Apricot Essence ~ Plum Essence ~ Cherry Essence ~ Black Cherry Essence ~ Lemon Essence ~ Pear Essence ~ Orange Essence ~ Apple Essence ~ Grape Essence ~ Gooseberry Essence ~ Raspberry Essence ~ Strawberry Essence ~ Melon Essence ~ Pineapple Essence ~

:: Extracts
Extrait de Bondeletia ~ Extrait de Millefleurs ~ Jockey Club Bouquet ~ Bouquet de Millefleurs ~ Bouquet de Rondeletia ~ Imitation Lily of the Valley ~ Imitation Essence of Myrtle ~ Extract of Patchouli

:: Art of Perfumery
How to Prepare Essences and Perfumed Spirits ~ Essences ~ Essences of Flowers ~ Essence of Almonds; Essence of Bitter Almonds; Essence of Peach-kernels; Almond Flavor ~ Essence of Roses ~ Extra Essence of Roses ~ Essence of Rondeletia; Extrait de Rondeletia ~ Curious Essence ~ Essence de Frangipane; Ex-trait de Frangipane; Frangipanni ~ Essence of Violets; Essence of Orris ; Factitious ~ Essence of Cologne; Cologne-Essence ; Concentrated Eau de Cologne ~ Essence of Orange ; Essence of Orange-peel ~ Essence of Pimento; Essence of Allspice ~ Essence of Pineapple ~ Essence of Tuberose ~ Essence of Lemons ~ Concentrated Essence of Musk ~ Fine Essence of Musk ~ Common Essence of Musk ~ Best Way to Prepare the Essence of Musk and Ambergris ~ Essence Royale ~ Essence of Neroli; Essence of Orange Blossoms; or Essence de Fleurs d'Oranges ~ Essence of Storax (or Styrax); Extract of Storax ~ Essence of Ambergris; or Concentrated Tincture of Ambergris ~ Essence of Ambergris ~ Fine Essence of Vanilla ~ Essence of Patchouli; Essence de Patchoulie; or Essence de Poucha-pat ~ Common Essence of Patchouli ~ Essence d'Ambrette; or Essence of Musk-seed ~ Essence of Bergamot ~ Essence of Cassia ~ Essence of Cinnamon ~ Essence of Civet ~ Essence of Lavender ~ To Extract the Essence from any Flower ~ To Make Attar, or Otto of Roses ~ Cologne Water and Perfumed Spirits ~ Piesse's Best Quality Eau de Cologne ~ Eau de Cologne ~ Eau de Cologne - Extra ~ Durockereau's Cologne Water ~ Goufife's Eau de Cologne ~ Farina's Eau de Cologne ~ Parrish's Best Cologne Water ~ Parrish's Common Cologne Water ~ Genuine Cologne Water ~ Fine Cologne Water ~ Cologne Water, Second Quality ~ Eau des Cannes; Eau de Me-lisse; Compound Spirit of Balm ~ Fine Lavender Water; or Eau de Lavande ~ Smith's Lavender Water ~ Common Lavender Water ~ Eau de Bouquet ~ Eau de Mar'echale ~ Eau d'Ambre Royale; Eau Royale ~ Eau d'Ambrette; or Esprit d'Ambrette ~ Fine Hungary Water ~ Common Hungary Water ~ Simple Perfumed Spirits - Es-prits ~ Esprit de Bergamotte ~ Eau de Lavande de Milleneurs ~ Esprit de Rose ~ Esprit de Bouquet ~ Eaud'H'eliotrope ~ Esprit de Jasmin Odorant ~ Millefleur Water ~ Honey Water (Eau de Miel) ~ Honey Water ~ Rose Water ~ Orange-Flower Water ~ Orange-Flower Water ~ Florida Water ~ Florida Water ~ Fine Florida Water ~ Tincture of Coriander ~ Tincture of Nutmegs ~ Tincture of Storax ~ Alcoholate of Roses ~ Tincture of Vanilla ~ Tincture of Benzoin ~ Tincture of Balsam of Peru ~ Tincture of Grain of Paradise ~ Tincture of Balsam of Tolu ~ Tincture of Cardamoms ~ Tincture of Ambergris ~ Tincture of Musk ~ Economical Perfumes

:: Scented Oils ~ Perfumed Oils
Perfumed Oils by the Addition of Essential Oils, or Alcoholic Essences ~ Perfumed Oils by Infusion ~ Perfumed Oils by Enfleurage ~ To Perfume Hair Oils ~ Colorless Hair Oils ~ Colored Hair Oils ~ To Color Hair Oil Bed or Crimson ~ To Color Hair Oil Yellow or Orange ~ To Color Hair Oils Green ~ Oil of Musk; or Huile Musquée ~ Oil of Ambergris and Musk; or Huile Royale ~ Oil of Storax ~ Oil of Vanilla; or Huile a la Vanille ~ Oil of Ambergris; Huile d'Ambergris, or Huile a` l'Ambre ~ Oil of Balsam of Peru ~ Oil of Benzoin ~ Mixed Essential Oils, or Mixed Scents ~ French Huiles or Hair Oils ~ Marrow Oil ~ Tonquin Pomade or Oil ~ Vanilla Pomade or Oil ~ Macassar Oil ~ Cheap Hair Oils ~ Tricopherous ~ Oil for Incipient Baldness

:: Essential Oils
Method of Obtaining Essential Oils ~ Cognac Oil ~ Oil of Apple ~ Oil of Jargonelle Pear ~ Oil of Quince - Pelargonic Ether ~ To Restore the Fragrance of Oil of Lemon ~ To Keep Oil of Lemon Fragrant ~ To Purify Essential Oils that have Deteriorated from Age and much more!

:: Perfumed Waters
Proportions of Aromatics Submitted to Distillation for Making Perfumed Waters ~ Elder-flower Water, Acacia-flower Water, and Bean-flower Water ~ Directions for Distilling Perfumed Waters ~ To Remove the Burnt Smell of Freshly Distilled Waters ~ To Prevent Distilled Waters from Souring ~ Practical Suggestions for Making Distilled Waters ~ Soubeiran's Steam Apparatus for Distilled Waters ~ Vanilla Water ~ Rose Water ~ To Prepare Aromatic Waters from Essential Oils ~ Aromatic or Perfumed Waters ~ Aromatic or Perfumed Waters

:: The Art of Beauty
Violet Powder ~ Poudre d'Iris ~ Prepared Bran for the Hair ~ Poudre Noir for the Hair ~ Poudre Blonde for the Hair ~ Poudre a` la Vanille Brune for the Skin or for Sachets ~ Poudre a` l'Oeillet Composée for the Skin or Sachets ~ Paints or Rouges for the Skin ~ French White ~ Pearl White ~ Pearl Powder ~ Caution against Bismuth as a Cosmetic ~ Carmine Rouge ~ Bloom of Roses ~ Azure Paste ~ Enamel Powder ~ To Make Amandine ~ To Use Amandine ~ Glycerine Amandine ~ Colored Amandine ~ Cosmetic Balsam of Honey ~ Freckle Balsam ~ Almond Paste ~ Bitter Almond Paste ~ Cold Cream ~ Hudson's Cold Cream ~ Sultana Cold Cream ~ Crème de Cathay ~ Glycerine Cream ~ Rose Glycerine Cream ~ Snow Cream ~ Fine Camphor Ice ~ Camphor Ice ~ Pate d'Amande au Miel ~ Pomade Rosat ~ Cacao Pomade ~ Crème de Psyché - for the Lips ~ Lait Virginal ~ Crème de Pistache ~ Milk of Roses ~ Lotion for Freckles ~ Lotion to Remove Freckles ~ Iodine Lotion for Eruptions of the Skin ~ Glycerinated Lotion of Iodide of Potassium ~ Lotion of Bichloride of Mercury ~ Eau de Beauté ~ Glycerine Lotion ~ Fragrant Glycerine Lotions ~ To Test the Purity of Glycerine ~ Caution About Glycerine ~ Fine Glycerine Lotion ~ Quince Mucilage ~ Gowland's Lotion ~ Lotion of Borax, for Sore Gums and Nipples ~ Glycerinated Lotion of Borax for Chaps and Sunburns ~ Cazenave's Lotion of Cyanide of Potassium ~ Glycerinated Lotion of Cyanide of Potassium ~ Caution Against Cyanide of Potassium ~ Cherry-Laurel Lotion, or Shaving Wash ~ Glycerine and Borax Lotion for the Complexion ~ Pomade de Ninon de l'Enclos ~ Pomade de Beauté; Pomade de Venus ~ Shaving Paste; Pate pour Faire la Barbe ~ Shaving Paste ~ Colored Collodion for the Skin ~ Flesh Colored Collodion ~ Glycerinized Collodion ~ Peruvian, or Red Lip Salve ~ Rose Lip Salve ~ White Lip Salve ~ Glycerine Lip Salve ~ French Lip Salve ~ German Lip Salve ~ Gants Cosmétiques

:: Washes for Failing Hair or Baldness
To Prepare Vinegar of Cantharides ~ Wash for Restoring - Hair ~ Morfit's Hair Tonic ~ Regenerative Glycerine Hair wash ~ Erasmus Wilson's Hair Wash ~ Parisian Wash to Gradually Darken the Hair ~ Wash to Gradually Darken the Hair ~ Wash to Darken the Hair ~ Wash for Dry, Stubborn Hair ~ Wash to Cleanse the Hair and Scalp ~ Barbers' Shampoo Mixture ~ Shampoo Liquor ~ Fine Shampoo Liquor ~ Hair Curling Liquid ~ Curling Fluid for the Hair ~ Wild Rose Curling Fluid ~ Drying Washes for Moist, Lax Hair ~ Rose Bandoline ~ Hair Gloss ~ How to Dry a Lady's Hair ~

:: Hair Dyes
Walnut Hair Dye ~ Pyrogallic Hair Dye ~ Beautiful Black Hair Dye ~ Method of Using the Hair Dye ~ Hydrosulphate or Hydro-sulphuret of Ammonia ~ Bed Hair Dye ~ Red Hair Dye ~ Blonde or Flaxen Hair Dye ~ Blonde Hair Dye ~ Golden Yellow Hair Dye ~ Rich Yellow Hair Dye ~ Brilliant Yellow Hair Dye ~ Brown Hair Dye ~ Golden Brown Hair Dye ~ Cautions about Applying Hair Dyes ~ To Bleach Hair ~ Lotions to Change the Color of the Hair ~ Hair Coloring which is not a Dye ~ Magic Hair Colorer and Restorer ~ Hair Restorative ~

:: Pomatums or Pomades for the Hair
To Purify Suet or Lard for Making Pomades ~ Method of Purifying Fat ~ To Perfume Melted Fat ~ To Finish off Pomades ~ Coloring Matters for Fat ~ To Color Fat Pink ~ To Color Fat Yellow ~ To Color Fat Green ~ Essences for Scenting Pomatums ~ Pomades by Infusion ~ Pomades by Enfleurage ~ Mixed Pomades; Compound Pomades ~ Plain Pomatum or Pomade ~ Common Pomatum ~ Rose Pomade ~ Pomade Millefleur ~ Peruvian Pomade ~ Philocome ~ Vanilla Pomatum ~ East India Pomatum ; Pomade des Indes; or Pomade d'Orient ~ Transparent Pomade ~ Crystallized Pomade or Pomatum ~ Pomade Divine ~ Castor Oil Pomade; Palma-Christi Pomatum ~ Bear's Grease ~ Imitation Bear's Grease ~ Pomade for Incipient Baldness ~ Cazenave's Pomade ~ Tar Pomade ~ Dupuytren's Pomade ~ Soubeiran's Pomade ~ Pomade Contre l'Alopécie, to Cure Baldness ~ New French Remedy for Baldness ~ Caution about Strong Hair Cosmetics ~ Hungarian Pomade for the Moustache

:: Depilatories
Martin's Depilatory ~ Boudet's Depilatory ~ Chinese Depilatory ~ To Apply a Depilatory as a Paste ~ To Apply a Depilatory as a Plaster ~ Cautions About Applying Depilatories ~

:: Tooth Powders ~ Dentifrices
Poudre D'etersive Dentifrice ~ Camphorated Chalk ~ Precipitated Chalk ~ To make Prepared Chalk ~ To Purify Hartshorn ~ Lardner's Tooth Powder ~ Miahle's Rational Dentifrice ~ Deschamp's Dentifrice for Removing the Yellow Color from Teeth ~ An Excellent Dentifrice ~ Morfit's Dentifrice ~ Grosvenor's Tooth Powder ~ Violet Tooth Powder ~ Areca Nut Tooth Powder ~ Areca Nut Charcoal ~ Pearl Dentifrice; Pearl Tooth Powder ~ Pelletier's Quinine Dentifrice *

:: Tooth Pastes
Ward's Tooth Paste ~ Areca Nut Charcoal Tooth Paste ~ Areca Nut Tooth Paste ~ Vanilla Tooth Paste ~ Peruvian Bark Tooth Paste ~ Soap Tooth Paste ~ Violet Tooth Paste ~ Odontine ~ Pellitier's Odontine ~ Magic Tooth Paste ~ Charcoal Tooth Paste ~ To Prepare Charcoal as a Dentifrice ~ Peruvian Tooth Paste ~ Quinine Toothpaste ~ Opiate Tooth Paste ~ Patey's Orris Tooth Paste ~

:: Tooth and Mouth Washes
Eau Botot ~ Violet Mouth Wash ~ Mexican Tooth Wash ~ Balm of Thousand Flowers ~ Wash to Harden the Gums ~ Cologne Tooth Wash ~ Sozodont ~ Cleveland's Tooth Wash ~ Myrrh Tooth Wash; Kirk-land's Tooth Lotion ~ Myrrh and Borax Mouth Wash ~ To Cleanse the Spaces Between the Teeth ~ Wash to Beautify the Teeth

:: Pyrotechnics and Fireworks
The Leading Fireworks ~ To Make Plain Rockets ~ To Make Display Rockets ~ To Charge Rocket Cases ~ To Choke Firework Cases ~ Composition for Rockets ~ Chinese Fire for Sky Rockets ~ Golden Rain ~ Silver Rain ~ Trailed Stars for Rockets and Roman Candles ~ To Prepare Touch Paper ~ To Make Quick Match ~ Inextinguishable Match ~ To Make Roman Candles ~ Composition for Roman Candles ~ Colored Stars ~ Colored Fires ~ Colored Fires for Illuminations ~ Colored Fires for Stars, etc ~ To Make Colored Fires ~ Blue Fire ~ Bird's Blue Fire ~ Bengal, or Blue Signal Light, used at Sea ~ Bengal Lights ~ Blue Fire for Stage Effect ~ Marsh's Blue Fire ~ Marsh's Crimson Fire for Pots ~ Marsh's Crimson Fire for Stars and Boxes ~ Marchand's Purple Crimson Fire ~ Green Fire for Ghost Scenes ~ Brilliant Green Fire ~ Green Fire ~ Marchand's Green Fire ~ Green Fire for Theatrical Tableaux ~ Light Green Fire ~ Green Fire for Pots or Stars ~ Lilac Fire for Pans ~ Lilac Fire for Stars ~ Red Fire ~ Bed Fire for Stage Effect ~ Orange Red Fire ~ Purple Bed Fire ~ Purple Fire ~ Pink Fire for the Stage ~ Rose Colored Fire ~ Pale Violet Fire ~ Dark Violet Fire ~ White Fire for Theatres ~ White Fire for Pans or Stars ~ Marsh's White Fire for Pans ~ Yellow Fire ~ Marsh's Yellow Fire ~ Fire-eating Ghosts ~ Port Fire ~ Signal Lights ~ Indian White Fire Signal ~ Iron Sand for Fireworks ~ Open Fires ~ White Fire ~ Blue Fire ~ Bed Fire ~ Yellow Fire ~ Green Fires ~ Colored Lights ~ White Lights ~ Yellow Lights ~ Green Lights ~ Red Lights ~ Pink Lights ~ Blue Lights ~ Colored Lights without Sulphur For Indoor Illuminations ~ White Light ~ Yellow Light ~ Green Light ~ Red Light ~ Caution in the Use of Chlorate of Potassa ~ Paper for Producing Plashes of Colored Light ~ Japanese Matches ~ Japanese Firework Mixture ~ Colored Flames ~ Greek Fire

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