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Early Military Surgery Book Collection on CD

Early Military Surgery Book Collection on CD
Name: Early Military Surgery Book Collection on CD
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The Early Military Surgery book collection is a group of 30 historic books that examine the state of the art of Military Surgery from the mid 1700s to the early 1900s. This collection is a fascinating look at how wounded military troops were treated both on the battlefield and in the operating rooms and due to its span of more than 150 years, it offers a remarkable glimpse into how techniques and knowledge changed and expanded as time went on. Several of the books are heavily illustrated.

The books in this collection are:

  1. Military surgery (1863) - Williamson, George - 343 pages
  2. A manual of military surgery : or, Hints on the emergencies of field, camp and hospital practice (1862) - Gross, Samuel D. (Samuel David) - 103 pages
  3. A practical treatise on military surgery (1861) - Hamilton, Frank Hasting - 249 pages
  4. Surgery in war (1916) - Hull, Alfred John - 499 pages
  5. A report of surgical cases treated in the army of the United States from 1865 to 1871 (1871) - Otis, George Alexander - 317 pages
  6. Notes for army medical officers (1917) - Goodwin, T. H. (Thomas Herbert) - 120 pages
  7. Injuries of joints (1916) - Jones, Robert - 202 pages
  8. Notes on the surgery of the War in the Crimea, with remarks on the treatment of gunshot wounds (1858) - Macleod, George H. B. (George Husband Baird) - 459 pages
  9. Fracture of the lower jaw; (1918) - Imbert, Léon; Réal, Pierre - 242 pages
  10. The ambulance surgeon; or, Practical observations on gunshot wounds (1862) - Appia, P. L. (P. Louis) - 288 pages
  11. Surgical nursing in war (1917) - Bundy, Elizabeth Roxana - 207 pages
  12. Principles of military surgery, comprising observations on the arrangement, police, and practice of hospitals, and on the history, treatment, and anomalies of variola and syphilis. Illustrated with cases and dissections (1829) - Hennen, John - 624 pages
  13. Bipp treatment of war wounds (1918) - Morison, Rutherford - 79 pages
  14. Wounds of the thorax in war (1915) - Murphy, James Keogh - 172 pages
  15. A manual of military surgery (1863) - 367 pages
  16. The treatment of fractures - Volume 1 (1918) - Leriche, René - 258 pages
  17. The treatment of fractures - Volume 2 (1918) - Leriche, René - 347 pages
  18. Treatise on gun-shot wounds, on inflammation, erysipelas, and mortification, on injuries of nerves, and on wounds of the extremities requiring the different operations of amputation : in which the various methods of performing these operations are shown, together with their after treatment; and containing an account of the author's successful case of amputation at the hip joint ... being a record of the opinions and practice of the Surgical Department of the British army, at the termination of the wars in Spain, Portugal, France, and the Netherlands, in 1814 and 1815 (1827) - Guthrie, G. J. (George James) - 605 pages
  19. Military medical and surgical essays ; prepared for the United States Sanitary Commission (1864) - 563 pages
  20. Wounds in war: the mechanism of the production and their treatment (1898) - Stevenson, William Flack - 469 pages
  21. A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate States Army; with explanatory plates of all useful operations (1864) - Chisolm, Julian John - 613 pages
  22. The surgeon's handbook on the treatment of wounded in war (1878) - Esmarch, Friedrich von - 399 pages
  23. An epitome of practical surgery for field and hospital (1863) - Warren, Edward - 412 pages
  24. Wounds of the abdomen (1918) - Abadie, Jean Baptist - 339 pages
  25. Notes on military orthopaedics (1917) - Jones, Robert - 155 pages
  26. Surgical experiences in South Africa 1899-1900; being mainly a clinical study of the nature and effects of injuries produced by bullets of small calibre (1913) - Makins, George Henry - 585 pages
  27. Technic of the irrigation treatment of wounds by the Carrel method (1917) - Dumas, J - 113 pages
  28. Military Surgery (1916) - Dunlap Pearce Penhallow - 455 pages
  29. Fractures of the Orbit and Injuries to the Eye in War (1918) - Felix Lagrange - 321 pages
  30. The Elements of Surgery (1746) - Samuel Mihles - 405 pages

Here are some page images from a few of the books so you can see some of the typical contents of the volumes.

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.


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