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Electric Railroads / Railways Historic Book Collection on CD

Electric Railroads / Railways Historic Book Collection on CD
Name: Electric Railroads / Railways Historic Book Collection on CD
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The Electric Railroads / Railways book collection is a collection of 31 late 19th century and early 20th century books concerning the development of electric railroads. The books offer a fascinating and detailed look at the early development of electric railway systems and their components. They examine their engineering, implementation, testing and other fascinating details about the electric railroad systems built during this period of time. Many of the books have detailed illustrations and photos of various electrical components and complete systems that went into the making of the early electric railway system.

All the titles contained on this CD are listed below.

  1. Power distribution for electric railroads (1900) - Bell, Louis - 328 pages
  2. Electric railways, theoretically and practically treated (1905) - Ashe, Sydney Whitmore; Keiley, John D - 320 pages
  3. A textbook on electric street-car running (1901) - 548 pages
  4. Electric railway transportation (1911) - 268 pages
  5. Electric street railways (1896) - Houston, Edwin J. (Edwin James); Kennelly, Arthur E. (Arthur Edwin) - 390 pages
  6. American electric railway practice (1907) - Herrick, Albert B.; Boynton, Edward Carlisle - 424 pages
  7. Electric railway engineering (1911) - Harding, Charles Francis - 358 pages
  8. Electric railway engineering (1892) - Trevert, Edward; Trevert, Edward - 206 pages
  9. Electric railway transportation (1917) - Blake, Henry William; Jackson, Walter - 504 pages
  10. Electric car maintenance, selected from the Electric railway journal (1914) - Jackson, Walter - 296 pages
  11. Electric railway practices in 1924 (1924) - Norris, Henry Hutchinson - 226 pages
  12. Street and electric railways, 1902 (1905) - 496 pages
  13. Practical construction of electric tramways; (1903) - Bowker, William Rushton - 174 pages
  14. Electric traction and transmission engineering (1911) - Sheldon, Samuel; Hausmann, Erich - 344 pages
  15. Stray currents from electric railways (1906) - Michalke, Carl; Kenyon, Otis Allen - 120 pages
  16. Electric railway systems (1915) - 722 pages
  17. Some graphical solutions of electric railway problems (1916) - Buck, Alonzo Morris - 44 pages
  18. Engineering preliminaries for an interurban electric railway (1903) - Gonzenbach, Ernest - 88 pages
  19. Shop tests on electric car equipment (1909) - Parham, Eugene Chilton; Shedd, J. C - 140 pages
  20. Training for the electric railway business (1919) - Fairchild, C. B. (Charles Bryant); Mitten, Thomas Eugene - 183 pages
  21. The electric railway in theory and practice (1893) - Crosby, Oscar Terry; Bell, Louis - 430 pages
  22. Miscellaneous tests of electric car equipment (1910) - Parham, Eugene Chilton; Shedd, J. C - 176 pages
  23. Electric railways; a treatise on the modern development of electric traction, including practical instruction in the latest approved methods of electric equipment and operation (1908) - Cravath, James R; Trow, Harris C - 184 pages
  24. Westinghouse electric street car equipments. Containing a description of the various motors (1896) - Hutchinson, Frederick L.; Phillips, Leo A. - 114 pages
  25. Practical helps for the electric railway shop, track, power, line and rolling stock departments (1919) - 359 pages
  26. McGraw electric railway manual; the red book of American street railway investments 1903 Edition (1903) - Nicholas, Frederic - 362 pages
  27. Railroad electrification and the electric locomotive (1923) - Manson, Arthur James - 352 pages
  28. Central electric light and power stations and street and electrical railways with summary of the electrical industries. 1912 (1915) - Steuart, William Mott; Martin, Thomas Commerford; Sanford, Frank L; Ladd, Story Butler - 485 pages
  29. The motorman and his duties : a handbook of the theory and practice of electric railway car operation (1907) - Gutmann, Ludwig; Gould, Lawrence E - 211 pages
  30. Electric railways and tramways : their construction and operation : a practical handbook setting forth at length ... the modern application of electricity as a motive power for railways and tramways containing complete financial and engineering data as to design construction, equipment and working; fully illustrating all modern and accepted types of machinery and appartus ... and describing in detail the principal installations of Europe and America (1897) - Dawson, Philip - 760 pages
  31. Single-phase Electric Railways (1915) - Edwin Austin - 328 pages

Here are some images from some of the volumes:

This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable.


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