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Fruit Growing ~ Start Your Own Orchard

Fruit Growing ~ Start Your Own Orchard
Name: Fruit Growing ~ Start Your Own Orchard
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Small or Large Scale, for Home, Garden or Backyard

Hints, Tips & Forgotten Techniques, plus valuable inside info on growing your own fresh fruit from start to finish - in fact everything you need to know (and more) for growing all types of fruit is fully revealed by the old time experts!

Hundreds of fascinating insights on many different planting / growing / cultivating topics together with hosts of hard earned hints and tips on disease & insect treatments - now combined together in a unique rare book library.

Learn from the experts of old how to get the most from either a large plot or a small garden, whether for personal use or also on a commercial level. This wonderful set of highly useful 'how to' books includes the following time-tested titles:

1 Amateur Fruit Growing. A practical guide to the growing of fruit for home use and the market.Illustrated, 171 pages, c1894.

2. Apples & Pears. Illustrated, 140-pages.

3. Book of Fruits. Being a descriptive catalogue of the most valuable
varieties of the pear, apple, peach, plum and cherryalso gooseberry,
currant, raspberry, strawberry and grape with modes of culture.
145-pages, c1838.

4. Bush Fruits. A horticultural monograph of raspberries,
blackberries, dewberries, currants, gooseberries and other shrub-like
fruits. Illustrated, 553-pages, c1909.

5. Citrus Culture For Profit. Illustrated, 95-pages, c1913.

6. Cultivation of the Strawberry. With a description of the best varieties, also notices of
the raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, currant, gooseberry and grape with directions for their
cultivation and the selection of the best varieties. Illustrated, 176 -pages, c1856.

7. Forcing Fruit and Kitchen Gardener. Comprehending the forcing of asparagus,
grapes, peaches, cucumbers, melons, pineapples, cherries, mushrooms,
figs, nectarines, and strawberries together with the management of the
greenhouse, culture of wall and orchard fruits, kitchen vegetables, salads
and herbs. 464-pages, c1802.

8. Fruit Culture Under Glass. Illustrated, 354-pages, c1881.

9. Fruit Growers Guidebook. Illustrated, 286-pages, c1911.

10. Fruit Growing. Illustrated, 405-pages, c1922.

11. Fruit Trees and Their Enemies. With a spraying calendar. 126- pages, c1908.

12. Handbook For Fruit Growers. Containing a short history of fruits and their value,
instructions as to soils and locations, how to grow from seeds, how to bud and graft, the making
of cuttings, pruning, best age for transplanting etc. With a condensed list of varieties suited to
climate. Illustrated, 146-pages.

13. Hardy Fruit Culture. Illustrated, 89-pages.

14. Hints On Fruit Growing. 152-pages, c1915.

15. Manual of Fruit Diseases. Illustrated, 486-pages, c1916.

16. Manual of Fruit Insects. Illustrated, 526-pages, c1922.

17. Popular Fruit Growing. Illustrated, 337 pages, c1912.

18. Practical Fruit Culture. Illustrated, 211-pages.

19. The Principals of Fruit Growing. Illustrated, 544-pages, c1898.

20. Small Fruits. Their propagation and cultivation, including the
grape. Containing practical directions for the selection of soil and its
preparation, the use of manures and fertlizers, crossing, hybridizing
and growing new varieties from seed, transplanting, pruning and
training, gathering, packing and marketing fruit, description of
varieties, their origin, diseases and insect enemies. Illustrated, 141
pages, c1886.

21. Successful Fruit Culture. A practical guide to the cultivation
and propagation of fruits. Illustrated, 292-pages, c1905.

22. Success With Small Fruits. 391-pages, c1886.

23. The Book Of The Apple. Cultivation together with chapters on the history and cookery
of the apple and the preparation of cider. Illustrated, 128 -pages, c1902.

24. The British Fruit Gardener. Comprising the most approved methods of planting and
raising every useful fruit tree and fruit bearing shrub. 362 -pages, c1700s

25. The Orchard & Fruit Garden. Illustrated, 393-pages, c1905.

26. Practical Fruit Grower. Illustrated, 133-pages, c1904.

27. The Small Fruit Culturist. Illustrated, 309-pages, c1914.

28. Productive Small Fruit Culture. A discussion of the growing, harvesting and marketing of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries and grapes. Illustrated,
388pages, c1920.


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