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Gold Mining & Prospecting Books on DVD

Gold Mining & Prospecting Books on   DVD
Name: Gold Mining & Prospecting Books on DVD
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Gold Mining & Prospecting Books on DVD

Prospecting for placer gold is traditionally done with a gold pan or similar instrument to wash free gold particles from loose surface sediment. The use of gold pans is centuries old, but is still common among prospectors and miners with little financial backing.

Deeper placer deposits may be sampled by trenching or drilling. Geophysical methods such as seismic, gravity or magnetics may be used to locate buried river channels that are likely locations for placer gold. Sampling and assaying a placer gold deposit to determine its economic viability is subject to many pitfalls.

Once placer gold is discovered, the gold pan is usually replaced by sluices or mechanical devices to wash greater volumes of material. Discovery of placer gold has often resulted in discovery of lode gold deposits when the placers are traced to their sources. (Summary by Wikipedia)

VLR is pleased to offer you this one of a kind collection of 15 vintage gold prospecting and mining books on a single "Gift Quality" DVD. Good Luck and happy prospecting!!!

Titles Include:

:: 1880 Digging Gold Among the Rockies - 562 pages.

:: 1881 Catalogue Of Works, Papers, Reports, And Maps - 208 pages.

:: 1881 Underground Treasures - How and Where to Find Them - 178 pages.

:: 1892 Opals And Agates - 350 pages.

:: 1895 Prospecting for Gold and Silver - 224 pages.

:: 1897 Official Guide To the Alaska Gold Fields - 292 pages.

:: 1897 Prospectors Hand Book - 206 pages.

:: 1899 Prospecting, Locating And Valuing Mines - 426 pages.

:: 1900 Diamond Drilling For Gold - 180 pages.

:: 1900 Prospecting in Nova Scotia - 20 pages.

:: 1900's Drilling For Placer Gold by the Keystone Driller Co - 204 pages.

:: 1902 Practical Gold Mining - 224 pages.

:: 1907 Australian Mining & Metallurgy - 625 pages.

:: 1912 Handbook of Mining Details - 400 pages.

:: 1921 Prospecting For Minerals - 278 pages.

:: 1880 Digging Gold Among the Rockies

Exciting adventures of wild camp life in Leadville, Black Hills and the Gunnison country. Giving a graphic history of the various discoveries of gold and silver in the United States, the development and extent of our mining industries.

:: 1881 Catalogue Of Works, Papers, Reports, And Maps

The Bibliography of Geology and allied Sciences has of late years reached such formidable proportions that without aid derived from Catalogues similar to the present, any attempt to master their literature, would be futile. The Catalogue of "Works, Papers, Reports, and Maps" originated concurrently with the" catalogue of Australian Fossils," by one of us, and may be looked upon as a further expansion of the List given at the end of that work."

:: 1881 Underground Treasures - How and Where to Find Them

A key for the ready determination of all the useful minerals within the United States & Canada. A terrific guide to locating your own buried treasure!

:: 1892 Opals And Agates

At the suggestion of friends, I have herein collated, for publication,some rambling recollections, drawn from a diary that was first started in 1846. 1 hold that, neither the era of Dampier (circa 1690), nor of Cook (in 1770), nor of Macquarie (in 1820), bears so deep an interest for posterity as those fateful, stirring years, during which, thanks to her gold, Australia rose, from being a mere convicts' wilderness, to become one of the most advanced and interesting countries in the world. And, besides this, not only is truth, at times, stranger, and more readable, than fiction, but a book, which is destitute, alike, of dialogue, plot, or hero, and in no way built upon the orthodox lines of the three-volume novel, may still—if it follows humbly in the wake of such guides as " Robinson Crusoe," or the " Essays of Elia "—hope to find some readers ; so, I venture."

:: 1895 Prospecting for gold and silver

In preparing this little work the author has felt the difficulty which arises in a theoretical dissertation on so eminently practical a subject as prospecting. It seems like giving rules and prescriptions for hunting or fishing or any other natural or practical pursuit. Though theory and practice are not at variance when happily combined, yet either without the other proves very unsatisfactory. Thus the reader of this book, should he start out armed only with its theory, will find himself for some time pretty much " at sea" when he comes to actual practice in the field."

:: 1897 Official Guide To the Alaska Gold Fields

The most complete and throughly exhaustive collection of every known information necessary to a full realization of the immense resources of the gold fields of Alaska, and replete with authentic instructions regarding how to get there, when to go, and what to do with the new Eldorado of the great northwest is reached.

:: 1897 Prospectors Hand Book

To the lover of natural history, no matter in whatever part of the world he may travel, each tract of country offers object after object, subject after subject, of interest. He reads sermons in stones and rocks wherever fate happens to direct his footsteps ; and, if he wanders over the bypaths of untrodden ground, derives a pleasure and satisfaction from the wonderful works of nature, such as no one who has not been privileged to experience it can realise.

:: 1899 Prospecting, Locating And Valuing Mines

A Practical Treatise for the use of Prospectors, Investors and Mining Men. generally; with an account of the Principal Minerals and Country Rocks; Ore Deposits; Locations and Patents; the Early Development of Mines; Earthy Mineral Products; Coal; Gold Gravels and Gravel Mining; Measurement of Water; and Artesian Wells. with 15 wonderful Plates!

:: 1900 Diamond Drilling For Gold

A Practical Handbook On The Use Of Modern Diamond Core Drills In Prospecting And Exploiting Mineral- Bearing Properties Including Particulars Of The Cost Of Apparatus And Of Working."

:: 1900 Prospecting in Nova Scotia

A brief guide to the how, why and when of basic gold prospecting.

:: 1900's Drilling For Placer Gold by the Keystone Driller Co

So closely has the Keystone Drill identified itself with the examination and calibration of auriferous gravels that its very name has grown into the jargon of the Engineer as a synonym of thorough and conscientious exploration. For the past twenty-five years have seen extensive areas of river gravels accepted for exploitation or cast into the discard on the strength of no other information than that revealed by the Keystone Drill in competent hands

:: 1902 Practical Gold Mining

Its commercial aspects. A collection of statistics and data relating to gold-mining and gold-mining finance companies.

:: 1907 Australian Mining & Metallurgy

Does gold mining pay? The question has often been asked in doubtful tones as a preliminary to answering it in the negative. To Australia it is one of supreme importance, because it assails the basis of its great mining industry, for though the winning of its industrial metals is an important phase of the general subject, on comparing the annual values of the respective products it will be seen that the one stands for but an insignificant proportion of the other. If, then, gold mining does not pay, the foundation of the industry is absolutely unstable, and nothing raised upon it can be profitable or permanent."

:: 1912 Handbook of Mining Details

This book is a collection of articles that have appeared in the Mining Journal during the last two or three years under the general head of "Details of Practical Mining", a department of the Journal that has been appreciated highly by its readers, many of whom have expressed the wish that a collection in book form be made, which has now been done.

:: 1921 Prospecting For Minerals

The object of this volume is to give a sketch of those subjects which underlie the calling of the Prospector, without encroaching to any great extent upon the provinces occupied by the sciences of Mineralogy and Geology, or the arts of Mining and Metallurgy, which are too far reaching to allow of more than the briefest mention in a work of this sort. It is evident, therefore, that the scope of the work must be necessarily limited, but it is hoped that to the practical Prospector it may give certain hints as regards the recognition of Minerals with which he is unacquainted, while, to the student, it may afford an introduction to the subject which will be of use in directing his work into the proper channels.


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