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Grandpas Childrens Story Book Library { Over 950 Books on Three Disks } on DVD

Grandpas Childrens Story Book Library { Over 950 Books on Three Disks } on DVD
Name: Grandpas Childrens Story Book Library { Over 950 Books on Three Disks } on DVD
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Grandpas Childrens Story Book Library { Over 950 Books on Three Disks } on DVD Grandpas Childrens Story Book Library { Over 950 Books on Three Disks } on DVD

A wonderful collection of over nine hundred fifty {950} vintage fairy tales and childrens books. Almost 3 years of reading, a new story every night. Not only for Grandpa, but Grandma, or Mom and Dad as well! Presented on three {3} Gift Quality DVD's.

FORMAT FOR THIS ITEM: All files are in .pdf format

Library includes the following volumes:

:: A apple pie and other nursery tales {1870}

:: A Apple Pie by Kate Greenaway {1900}

:: A Book of Discoveries by J Masefield {1910}

:: A book of fairy tales by Baring-Gould, S. {1895}

:: A Book Of Nimble Beasts by J English {1922}

:: A butterfly chase - by P.J. Stahl {1869}

:: A child's garden of verses - Stevenson, Robert Louis {1895}

:: A Chinese wonder book by Norman Hinsdale Pitman {1919}

:: A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens {1911}

:: A Christmas fairy by John Strange Winter {1878}

:: A collection of eastern stories and legends for narration or later reading in schools by Shedlock, Marie L {1910}

:: A cup of sweets, that can never cloy; or, Delightful tales for good children by Semple, Elizabeth {1804}

:: A day's pleasure; The half-holiday adventures of some little people by Geikie, Evelyn Cunningham {1883}

:: A dish of apples - Eden Phillpotts {1921}

:: A dog of Flanders by Ouida {1891}

:: A garland for girls by Alcott, Louisa May {1905, c1887}

:: A horse book -by Tourtel, Mary; Evans, Edmund {1901}

:: A hunt on snow shoes - by Edward S. Ellis {1906}

:: A kindergarten story book 7th ed. - by Jane L. Hoxie. {1912}

:: A little boy's story - by Julie Gouraud {1869}

:: A little girl in old Pittsburg - by Amanda M. Douglas {1909}

:: A little princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett {1905}

:: A picture-book of merry tales {1860}

:: A selection from the world's greatest short stories by Sherwin Cody {1918}

:: A Study of Fairy Tales by Laura F. Kready {1916}

:: A summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's life - by Mrs. A.D.T. Whitney {1894}

:: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens {1906}

:: A teacher's offering {1857}

:: A treasury of pleasure books for young children - by John Absolon and Harrison Weir. {1850}

:: A Visit From Saint Nicholas - J. G. Gregory, {1862}

:: A visit from St. Nicholas by Clement C. Moore {1921}

:: A week at Glenville - by Sarah Lloyd {1848}

:: A Wonder Book For Girls & Boys By Nathaniel Hawthorne {1893}

:: Adventures in science with Bob and Don By Harry Allen Carpenter {1948}

:: Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain {1920}

:: Aesop's fables; a new version, chiefly from original sources by R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor {1882}

:: Agathos, The rocky island, and other Sunday stories by Wilberforce, Samuel {1905}

:: Aladdin and his wonderful lamp in rhyme By Ransome, Arthur {1920}

:: Aladdin By Crane, Walter {1890}

:: Alice and Beatrice - by Grandmamma; Absolom, John {188-}

:: Alice Gordon - By Joseph Alden {1847}

:: Alice In Wonderland {1916}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {1967}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking glass by Lewis Carroll {1912}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland and, through the looking-glass & what Alice found there by Lewis Carroll {1911}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {1894}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {1901}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {1910}

:: Alice's adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll {1919}

:: Alice's adventures in wonderland, Miniature ed. by Lewis Carroll {1907}

:: Alice's adventures under ground by Lewis Carroll {1886}

:: All Shakespeare's Tales by Charles Lamb {1911}

:: Always happy!!! or, Anecdotes of Felix and his sister Serena by Maria Elizabeth Budden {1863}

:: American Indian fairy tales by Compton, Margaret {1934}

:: American Indian fairy tales by W. T. Larned {1921}

:: Among Malay pirates; a tale of adventure and peril by Henty, G. A. {1899}

:: Among the fairies bt Parker, Augusta Bethell {1884}

:: An argosy of fables by Frederic Taber Cooper {1921}

:: An old country house bt Le Gallienne, Richard {1905, c1902}

:: Andy the acrobat; or, Out with the greatest show on earth by Harkness, Peter T {c1907}

:: Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery {1908}

:: Ansdale Hall; or, Stand by your colors by Freeland, Caroline J {1868}

:: Archie's old desk - by Sarah Doudney {18--}

:: Archy Somerville {1856}

:: Ascutney street - a neighborhood story - by Mrs. A.D.T. Whitney {1899}

:: At the back of the North Wind by MacDonald, George {c1919}

:: Aunt Fanny's story book, for little boys and girls. {1853}

:: Aunt Jo's scrap-bag ... by Louisa M. Alcott {1872}

:: Aunt Jo's scrap-bag by Alcott, Louisa May {1872}

:: Aunt Jo's scrap-bag by Louisa May Alcott {1885}

:: Aunt Jo's scrap-bag by Louisa May Alcott {1891}

:: Australian fairy tales By Atha Westbury {1897}

:: Avventure di Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi {1916}

:: Baby nightcaps - by Fanny, Aun {1860}

:: Baron Bruno; The unbelieving philosopher, and other fairy stories by Morgan, Louisa {1875}

:: Belgian fairy tales by Griffis, William Elliot {1919}

:: Bertie and the gardeners or, The way to be happy - by Mrs. Madeline Leslie. {1868}

:: Bessie among the mountains by Mathews, Joanna H {1869}

:: Bessie and her friends by Mathews, Joanna H. {1868}

:: Bessie at school - by Joanna H. Mathews {1869}

:: Bessie at the sea-side by Mathews, Joanna H. {1867}

:: Bessie in the city by Mathews, Joanna H {1868}

:: Best stories to tell to children - by Sara Cone Bryant {1912}

:: Betty Wales on the campus - by Margaret Warde {1920}

:: Bible stories for children By Dawes, Sarah Elizabeth Mrs {1903}

:: Bible stories to read and tell {1916}

:: Big Book of Fairy Tales by Gustave Doree {1892}

:: Bits of talk, in verse and prose, for young folks by Jackson, Helen Hunt {1892, c1876}

:: Blacky the Crow by Thornton W. Burgess {1922}

:: Blue rose fairy book by Baring, Maurice {1911}

:: Blue violet by Clark, Mary Latham {1872}

:: Bold Robin Hood and his outlaw band by Louis Rhead {1912}

:: Boy's book of the army by King, Charles {c1907}

:: British Fairy & Folk Tales by W J Glover {1920}

:: Bruno or, Lessons of fidelity, patience, and self-denial taught by a dog {1854}

:: Buddha's crystal and other fairy stories by Ozaki, Yei Theodora {1908}

:: Bushy, a romance founded on fact - by Cynthia M. Westover {1896}

:: Canadian fairy tales by Cyrus MacMillan {1922}

:: Canadian wonder tales by Cyrus MacMillan {1920}

:: Canterbury tales -- The knight's tale by Geoffrey Chaucer {1903}

:: Careless Kate. A story for little folks by Adams, William T. {1889}

:: Cecil Aldin's merry party By Byron, May Clarissa Gillington {1913}

:: Cedar Brook stories, or, The Clifford children by A.S.M. {1865}

:: Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs {1892}

:: Celtic wonder-tales by Young, Ella {1910}

:: Chats with the little ones by Sauveur, Lambert {1876}

:: Child-life in Japan & Japanese child-stories by Ayrton, Matilda Chaplin {1879}

:: Children of the dawn by Elsie Finnimore Buckley {1908}

:: Children of the forest by Fleming H. Revell {1904}

:: Children's book of patriotic stories By Dickinson, Asa Don {1917}

:: Children's stories and how to tell them By J. Berg Esenwein {1917}

:: Children's stories in American literature 1660-1896 By Henrietta Christian Wright {1895}

:: Children's stories in English literature by Henrietta Christian Wright. {1889}

:: Children's stories in English literature from Shakespeare to... by Henrietta Christian Wright {1891}

:: Children's stories of American progress By Henrietta Christian Wright {1886}

:: Child's new story book, or, Tales and dialogues for little folks {1849}

:: Chinese fables and folk stories by Mary Hayes Davis {1976}

:: Chinese fairy tales by Herbert Allen Giles {1920}

:: Chinese folk-lore tales by J. Macgowan {1910}

:: Chinese stories for boys and girls - edited and translated by Arthur E. Moule {1880}

:: Chit-chat stories for little folks {1876}

:: Christian parent's assistant by Cary, Virginia {1829}

:: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - ten Christmas stories by Hale, Edward Everett {1885}

:: Christmas roses by Lawson, Lizzie; Mack, Robert Ellice {1886}

:: Christmas stories by Charles Dickens {1910}

:: Cinderella {between 1865 and 1889}

:: Cinderella by Crockett, S. R {1901}

:: Cluster of stories for brother and sister {1860}

:: Cossack fairy tales and folk-tales By R. Nisbet Bain {1894}

:: Cottage scenes - being a collection of pastoral tales by Oalton, Ann Elizabeth {1826}

:: Cousin Deborah's story, or, The great plague - by the author of Nelly {1869}

:: Cradle tales of Hinduism by Nivedita, Sister {1907}

:: Croatian tales of long ago by Brlic-Mazuranic, Ivana {1922}

:: Crusoe in New York, and other tales by Hale, Edward Everett {1880}

:: Czechoslovak fairy tales by Fillmore, Parker {1919}

:: Dandelion clocks By Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing {1800}

:: Danish fairy tales - a collection of popular stories and fairy tales from the Danish of Svend Grundtvig by J. Christian Bay {1899}

:: Danish fairy tales by Sven Grundtvig {1914}

:: Danny again; further adventures of 'Danny the detective' by Barclay, Vera C {1920}

:: David Blaze and the blue door by Benson, E. F {1919}

:: Davy and the goblin by Charles E. Carryl {1885}

:: Deep down; a tale of the Cornish mines by Ballantyne, Robert Michael {1883}

:: Dick Boldhero - by the author of Peter Parley's tales {1845}

:: Dick Cheveley; his adventures and misadventures by Kingston, William Henry Giles {1881}

:: Dick Whittington, and other stories By Andrew Lang {1905}

:: Dickens' stories about children every child can read By Charles Dickens {1909}

:: Dickens's children by Jessie Willcox Smith {1912}

:: Dodging the North sea mines; the adventures of an American boy by Kay, Ross {c1915}

:: Dog of St. Bernard and other stories {187_}

:: Doodles; the sunshine boy by Dowd, Emma C {1915}

:: Dorothy and the wizard in Oz by Baum, L. Frank {c1908}

:: Down-adown-derry by De la Mare, Walter {1922}

:: Dream boats and other stories By Dugald Stewart Walker {1920}

:: Droll Stories by Honore de Balzac {1899}

:: Dutch Fairy Tales For Young Folks by William Elliot Griffis {1918}

:: Each and all, or, How the seven little sisters prove their sisterhood - by Jane Andrews {1878}

:: East o' the sun and west o' the moon by Dasent, George Webbe, Sir {c1921}

:: East of the sun and west of the moon by Dasent, George Webbe {1917}

:: Eastern tales; by many story tellers by Valentine, L. {1868}

:: Echoes of childhood. Old friends in new costumes. by Gobright, L. A. {1879}

:: Edmund Dulac's fairy-book - fairy tales of the Allied nations by Dulac, Edmund {1916}

:: Effie and her strange acquaintances - by the Rev. John Crofts {1886}

:: Eight stories for Isabel {1860}

:: Elliott's tales for girls by Elliott, Mary, b. ca. {1830}

:: Elms homestead by Johnson, M. O., Mrs {1871}

:: Elsie and the Raymonds - by Martha Finley. {1889}

:: Elsie at Nantucket. A sequel to Elsie's new relations by Finley, Martha {c1884}

:: Elsie at the World's fair by Finley, Martha {c1894}

:: Elsie at Viamede by Finley, Martha {c1892}

:: Elsie on the Hudson and elsewhere by Finley, Martha {1898}

:: Elsie's friends at Woodburn - by Martha Finley {1887}

:: Elsie's vacation and after events by Finley, Martha {c1891}

:: Elsie's winter trip by Finley, Martha {1902}

:: Emma or, The three misfortunes of a belle {1855}

:: England's story for children by E. Baumer Williams {1909}

:: English fairy and other folk tales by Hartland, Edwin Sidney {1906}

:: English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs {1895}

:: English fairy tales by Rhys, Ernest {1913}

:: English fairy tales by Steel, Flora Annie Webster {1927}

:: English fairy tales, folklore and legends by Ritson, Joseph {1902}

:: Entertaining memoirs of little personages, {1785}

:: Ethel's story - By the child's friend. {1856}

:: Europa's fairy book by Joseph Jacobs {1916}

:: Evening Tales For The Winter by St. Clair, Henry {1856}

:: Faery tales of Weir by Sholl, Anna McClure {c1918}

:: Faggots for the fireside; or, Tales of fact and fancy by Goodrich, Samuel G {1855}

:: Fairy circles By Villamaria {1877}

:: Fairy gold - a book of Old English fairy tales by Rhys, Ernest {1909}

:: Fairy realm. A collection of the favourite old tales by Hood, Tom {1866}

:: Fairy stories {1864, c1854}

:: Fairy tales and other stories by Hans Christian Andersen {1914}

:: Fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen {1889}

:: Fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen {1893}

:: Fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen {190_}

:: Fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen {1900}

:: Fairy tales By Albert Ludwig Grimm {1827}

:: Fairy tales By Alfred Henry Forrester {1857}

:: Fairy tales by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1922}

:: Fairy tales by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {c1884}

:: Fairy Tales by Aulnoy, Madame d' {Marie-Catherine} {1854}

:: Fairy tales by Aulnoy, Madame d' {Marie-Catherine} {1856}

:: Fairy tales by Edouard Laboulaye {1900}

:: Fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen ; illustrated by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {ca. 1868}

:: Fairy Tales by John Thackray Bunce {1878}

:: Fairy tales By Mark Lemon {1868}

:: Fairy tales by Skimble Skamble {1869}

:: Fairy tales By Wilhelm Hauff {1910}

:: Fairy tales every child should know - a selection of the best fairy tales of all times and of all authors by Andersen, H. C {1905}

:: Fairy tales for children by Olcott, Frances Jenkins {1898}

:: Fairy tales from all nations by Montalba, Anthony R. {1849}

:: Fairy tales from far Japan by Susan Ballard {1898}

:: Fairy tales from Hans Andersen by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1906}

:: Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen {1899}

:: Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen by Hans Christian Andersen {1914}

:: Fairy tales from many lands by Katharine Pyle {1911}

:: Fairy tales from South Africa by Bourhill, E. J. Mrs. {1808}

:: Fairy tales from Spain by J. Munoz Escomez {1913}

:: Fairy tales from the far North by Peter Christen Asbjornsen {1897}

:: Fairy tales from the Swedish of G. Djurklo by Djurklou, Nils Gabriel friherre {1901}

:: Fairy tales of Hans Andersen by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian}{1908}

:: Fairy tales, their origin and meaning by John Thackray Bunce {1878}

:: Fairy-book by Edmund Dulac {1917}

:: Fanny Percy's knight-errant by Graham, Mary {1876}

:: Father's coming home; a tale by Elliott, E. S. {1862}

:: Favorite fairy tales by Marshall, Logan {1917}

:: Favorite fairy tales; the childhood choice of representative men and women by Newell, Peter {1907}

:: Favourite fairy tales by Corner, John {1861}

:: Favourite French fairy tales by Douglas, Barbara {1921}

:: Favourites of a nursery of seventy years ago by Forbes, Edith Emerson {1916}

:: Fawn in the wood {ca.1890}

:: Festival stories of child life in a Jewish colony in Palestine by Trager, Hannah {c1920}

:: Fighting in France by Kay, Ross {c1916}

:: Fighting the foe; or, Every day battles. - By Fidelity {1877}

:: Finger plays for nursery and kindergarten by Emilie Poulsson {1893}

:: Fire-side stories; or, Recollections of my school-fellows. {1831}

:: Five little Peppers and how they grew - by Margaret Sidney {1909}

:: Folk story plays for children by M. L. Conger. {1920}

:: Folk tales and fairy lore in Gaelic and English - collected from oral tradition by MacDougall, James {1910}

:: Folk tales every child should know by Mabie, Hamilton Wright {1912}

:: Folk tales from Tibet by O'Connor, William Frederick Travers Sir {1906}

:: For the children. {1911}

:: For the children's hour by Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin {1916}

:: For the story teller - by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey {1913}

:: Forest Glen; The Mohawk's friendship by Kellogg, Elijah {c1877}

:: Forty-four Turkish fairy tales {1910}

:: Four and twenty fairy tales - selected from those of Perrault and other popular writers by Perrault, Charles {1858}

:: Frank at Don Carlos' rancho by Castlemon, Harry {1871}

:: Friar Puck and other sketches for youth - by Peter Peterson {1850}

:: General Jack - by Edric Vredenburg {1890}

:: George at the fort; or, Life among the soldiers by Castlemon, Harry {c1882}

:: German fairy tales by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1876}

:: Getting well - tales for little convalescents by Bradford, Sarah H. {1872}

:: Girl's own book of amusing and instructive stories {1843}

:: Goblin tales of Lancashire by Bowker, James {1878}

:: Gobolinks, or Shadow-Pictures for Young and Old By Ruth McEnery Stuart and Albert Bigelow Paine {1896}

:: Good old stories for boys and girls - by Elva S. Smith {1919}

:: Good stories for great birthdays by Frances Jenkins Olcott {1922}

:: Good Stories for Great Holidays by Frances Jenkins Olcott {1914}

:: Grace's visit {1859}

:: Gracie and her pets by Hunter, Margaret L {1909}

:: Grandmother Elsie; a sequel to Elsie's widowhood by Finley, Martha {c1882}

:: Granny's wonderful chair and its tales of fairy times by Frances Browne {1916}

:: Green Willow; and other Japanese fairy tales by James, Grace {1910}

:: Grimms Complete Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm {1900}

:: Grimm's fairy tales by Grimm, Jacob {c1922}

:: Gritli's Children; a story of Switzerland By Spyri, Johanna {1920}

:: Gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift {1918}

:: Guy Harris, the runaway by Castlemon, Harry {1887}

:: Gwendoline; Halcots and Halcombes by Giberne, Agnes {1885}

:: Hans Andersen's fairy tales by Andersen, H. C {c1914-15} Frist Series

:: Hans Andersen's fairy tales by Andersen, H. C {c1914-15} Second Series

:: Hans Andersen's fairy tales by Andersen, H. C {1913}

:: Hansel & Grethel & other tales by Jacob Grimm {1920}

:: Happy hearts by Isle, June {c1864}

:: Happy holidays - by Frances G. Wickes {1921}

:: Happy nights at Hazel Nook, or, Cottage stories by Farley, Harriet {1854, c1853}

:: Harper's outdoor book for boys by Joseph H. Adams {1907}

:: Harper's story books By Jacob Abbott {1854}

:: Harper's story books. - Dialogues {1854}

:: Harper's story books. - Judge Justin or, The Little court of Morningdale.{1857}

:: Harper's story books. - Lapstone {1857}

:: Harper's story books. - Willie and the mortage {1854}

:: Haven't-time and Don't-be-in-a-hurry, and other stories. - By T.S. Arthur. {1869}

:: Henri; or, The little Savoyard in Paris. - A translation, by Mrs. Lizzie P. Lewis {1877}

:: Henry Willson's voyage; or, Only in fun by Guernsey, Lucy Ellen {c1871}

:: Heroes of the dawn by Russell, Violet; Elvery, Beatrice {1914}

:: History of my pets - by Grace Greenwood {1858}

:: Ho! for elf-land! by Alice Kingsbury {1877}

:: Hoffmann's Fairy Tales by E. T. A. Hoffmann {1857}

:: Holiday tales - by a friend to youth - by Edward Kearny {1849}

:: Holiday tales {18--}

:: Home and its pleasures - by Mrs. Harriet Myrtle {1852}

:: Homes of the world's babies - by Elizabeth Ellis Scantlebury {1910}

:: Honey blossoms for little bees {1859}

:: Hope on; or 'The house that Jack built.' - By F.M.S. {18uu}

:: Household and fairy tales by Grimm, Jacob {1916}

:: Household stories from the collection of the Bros. Grimm by Grimm, Jacob {1922}

:: Household stories, New ed. by the Brothers Grimm {1862}

:: Howling Wolf and his trick-pony by Champney, Elizabeth W. {c1888}

:: Icelandic fairy tales By Hall, Angus W. Mrs. {1897}

:: Imaginotions; truthless tales by Jenks, Tudor {1894}

:: In my nursery by Richards, Laura Elizabeth Howe {1890}

:: In school and out - by Maurice Goodkin. {1922}

:: In story-land by Elizabeth Harrison {1895}

:: In the track of the troops - a tale of modern war by Ballantyne, R. M. {1881}

:: Indian Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs {1892}

:: Indian fairy tales by Maive S. H. Stokes {1879}

:: Indian fairy tales by W. S. Phillips {1902}

:: Indoor and outdoor recreations for girls By Linda Beard {1906}

:: Influence; or, The little silk-winder.{1851}

:: Interesting traits of character in youth of both sexes - by Mrs. Ventum {1804}

:: Irene to the rescue; the story of an English girl's fight for the right by Baldwin, May {1917}

:: Irish fairy and folk tales by William Butler Yeats {1900}

:: Irish fairy tales by Edmund Leamy {1906}

:: Irish fairy tales by Stephens, James {1920}

:: Izilda; a story of Brazil by Barnes, Annie Maria {c1896}

:: J. Cole by Gellibrand, Emma {c1903}

:: Jack and the bean-stalk by Tennyson, Hallam Tennyson, Baron {1886}

:: Jack the giant killer. {1870}

:: Jackanapes By Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing {1883}

:: Jackanapes. Daddy Darwin's dovecot. The story of a short life by Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty,{1887}

:: Jacko and Jumpo Kinkytail the funny monkey boys by Garis, Howard Roger {c1917}

:: Jan of the windmill by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing {1909}

:: Japanese fairy tales by Ozaki, Yei Theodora {preface 1903}

:: Japanese fairy tales by Williston, Teresa Peirce; Ogawa, Sanchi, ill {c1911}

:: Japanese fairy world - stories from the Wonder-lore of Japan by Griffis, William Elliot {1887}

:: Japanese folk stories and fairy tales By Mary F. Nixon-Roulet {1908}

:: Jem Morrison, the fisher-boy by Lamb, Ruth, b. {1873}

:: Jessie Grey; The discipline of life, a Canadian tale {1871}

:: Jewish fairy tales and legends By Gertrude Landa {1919}

:: Jingle jokes for little folks. {1901}

:: Joan of Juniper inn by Jacobs, Caroline Emilia {1907}

:: Joel; a boy of Galilee by Johnston, Annie F. {1918}

:: John Dough and the cherub. - by John R. Neill. {1906}

:: John Gay; or, Work for boys by Abbott, Jacob {1864}

:: Jolly Calle & other Swedish fairy tales By Helena Nyblom {1912}

:: Jonas a judge by Abbott, Jacob {1845}

:: Jonas on a farm in winter {1857}

:: Just his luck by Optic, Oliver {1905}

:: Just so stories - by Rudyard Kipling {1912}

:: Juvenile tales for boys and girls by E. Riley {1849}

:: Kathie's harvest days by Douglas, Amanda Minnie {1899}

:: ke Partington, The adventures of a human boy and his friends by Shillaber, B. P. {1879}

:: 'Keep a good heart' - A story for the merry Christmas time by Cousin Carrie {1864}

:: Keeping tryst; a tale of King Arthur's time by Johnston, Annie F. {1920}

:: Keineth - by Jane D. Abbott {1918}

:: Kidnapped by cannibals by Stables, Gordon {1900}

:: King Gobble's feast. {1867}

:: King Winter. Hamburg - Gustav W. Seitz, ca. 1859

:: Laboulaye's fairy book - by Edouard Laboulaye {1920}

:: Laboulaye's Fairy book - By Eedouard Laboulaye {1867}

:: Lads and lassies of other days by Price, Lillian L. {1905}

:: Last fairy tales By Edouard Laboulaye {1884}

:: Leaves for a Christmas bough - love, truth, and hope {1849}

:: Led to the light. A sequel to Opposite the jail by Denison, Mary A. {1870}

:: Left guard Gilbert by Barbour, Ralph Henry {1916}

:: Legends and stories of Italy for children by Amy Steedman {1909}

:: Little Croppy and the May queen - by Mrs. Hughs {1835}

:: Little Curly Locks {c1885}

:: Little ditties {1874}

:: Little Downy, or, The history of a field-mouse a moral tale {1822}

:: Little Ellie and other tales by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1850}

:: Little ferns for Fanny's little friends - by Fred M. Coffin {1854}

:: Little foxes; stories for boys and girls. by Henry, Edwin Arthur {1922}

:: Little men by Louisa May Alcott {1887}

:: Little Minnie, and other stories - by Pansy. {1876}

:: Little Miss Peggy By Molesworth Mrs {1891}

:: Little nightcaps by Fanny, Aunt {186_}

:: Little Paul, and other stories. - By Lizzie Amory {1856}

:: Little pet's chatterbox {1844}

:: Little playfellows. {1884}

:: Little Polly Prentiss - by Elizabeth Lincoln Gould {1902}

:: Little Prudy's Captain Horace by May, Sophie {1892}

:: Little Red Riding Hood by Summerly, Felix {1843}

:: Little Rubi, the wood-carver and other stories {1880}

:: Little Rudy, and other stories by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1864}

:: Little Saint Elizabeth and other stories - by Frances Hodgson Burnett {1890}

:: Little Sister Snow by Little, Frances {1909}

:: Little Tom by Tillie, V {1922}

:: Little Tommy's sled ride. {1880}

:: Little tot's picture book by Sheila Thibodeau Lambrinos Collection {1898}

:: Little white fox and his Arctic friends by Roy J. Snell {1916}

:: Little women, or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy {1868}

:: Little yellow Wang-lo - by M.C. Bell {1903}

:: Lob Lie-by-the-fire by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing {1909}

:: London town by Leigh, Felix; Crane, Thomas {1883}

:: Lost but found, The Jewish home by Leslie, Madeline {1868}

:: Lost Lenore; The adventures of a rolling stone by Reid, Mayne {1872}

:: Lullaby-land; songs of childhood. - by Kenneth Grahame {1897}

:: Lulu's library by Alcott, Louisa May {1886}

:: Mag & Margaret - a story for girls by Pansy {c1901}

:: Make the best of it, or Cheerful Cherry, and other tales by Goodrich, Samuel G. {1843}

:: Mamma's darling {ca. 1869}

:: Mamma's present {1801}

:: Mamma's verses, or, Lines for little Londoners {1824}

:: Manage CoversThe story of the treasure seekers by T. Unwin {1899}

:: Manx fairy tales by Sophia Morrison {1911}

:: Maoriland fairy tales by Edith Howes {1913}

:: Marco Paul's adventures in pursit of knowledge - by the author of Rollo {1845}

:: Marigold garden by Kate Greenaway {1900}

:: Marjorie's vacation - by Carolyn Wells {1907}

:: Mark Steadman, Show your colors {1868}

:: Marshall's edition of the popular story of Cinderilla {1819}

:: Martin Hyde by John Masefield {1910}

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:: The south sea whaler - a story of the loss of the 'Champion' and the adventures of her crew by Kingston, William Henry Giles {1879}

:: The springtide of life - by Algernon Charles Swinburne {1918}

:: The stories Mother Nature told her children By Andrews, Jane {1891}

:: The Story Girl by L. M. Montgomery {1911}

:: The Story of a Nodding Donkey by Laura Lee Hope {1921}

:: The Story of a Plush Bear by Laura Lee Hope {1921}

:: The story of a puppet by Collodi, Carlo {1892}

:: The story of a short life - by Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty {1906}

:: The story of a short life by Ewing, Juliana Horatia Gatty {1887}


:: The story of Doctor Dolittle By Hugh Lofting {1920}

:: The story of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow {1910}

:: The story of Jack and the giants by E. Dalziel. {1851}

:: The story of Jesus told for children by E.F. Jones.{1910}

:: The story of Joseph and his brethren By Joseph Sharpless {1812}

:: The story of King Arthur and his knights by Howard Pyle {1922}

:: The story of Pigou, a Malay boy {1833}

:: The story of Roland by James Baldwin {1911}

:: The story of Rosina, and other verses by Dobson, Austin {1895}

:: The story of Siegfried by Baldwin, James {1932}

:: The story of the blue bird - by Chatelain, Clara de {1857}

:: The Story of the Champions of the Round Table by Howard Pyle {19__}

:: The story of The Mikado by Gilbert, W. S. {1921}

:: The Story of the Three Little Pigs By L. Leslie Brooke

:: The story of the white mouse {1816}

:: The story teller 3rd ed. - edited by Charles Eliot Norton. {1910}

:: The story-teller - a collection of original tales {1820}

:: The storytellers By The Storytellers' magazine {1915}

:: The strait gate or, The rule of exclusion from Heaven. {1855}

:: The Swedish fairy book by Klara Stroebe {1921}

:: The Swiss family Robinson in words of one syllable by Mary Godolphin By Johann David Wyss {1869}

:: The Tale of a monkey, or, The mischievous manoeuvres of Dandy Jack {1873}

:: The tell-tale by Catherine Parr Strickland Traill {1823}

:: The third book of stories for the story-teller By Fanny E. Coe {1918}

:: The three little kittens by Robert Michael Ballantyne {1859}

:: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells {1895}

:: The transmigrations of the Mandarin Fum-Hoam {Chinese tales} by Thomas-Simon Gueullette {1894}

:: The True Story Book by Andrew Lang {1893}

:: The Twelve Magic Changelings By M.A. Glen {1907}

:: The two cousins; and The water-cress girl {1839}

:: The two Elsies by Finley, Martha {1885}

:: The ugly duck and other tales by Andersen, H. C. {Hans Christian} {1854}

:: The uncharted island by Kuppord, Skelton {1899}

:: The veils of Isis, and other stories by Harris, Frank {1915}

:: The village maid by Somerville, Elizabeth, d {1802}

:: The Violet Fairy Book by Andrew Lang {1906}

:: The Wagon-boy, or, Trust in Providence by Howland, William {between 1855 and 1860}

:: The wanderers by sea and land, with other tales by Goodrich, Samuel G. {1855 c1854}

:: The water-babies - a fairy tale for a land-baby by Charles Kingsley {1912}

:: The water-babies - a fairy tale for a land-baby by Charles Kingsley {1916}

:: The Watsons of the country by Egan, Maurice Francis {c1905}

:: The way to prosper, or, In union there is strength - and other tales - by T.S. Arthur. {1851}

:: The white duckling by Nathan Haskell Dole {1913}

:: The wild man of the West. by Ballantyne, R. M. {1863}

:: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame {1913}

:: The wonder clock by Pyle, Howard {1915}

:: The wonder garden by Frances Jenkins Olcott {1919}

:: The wonderful adventures of Nils by Selma Lagerlof {1910}

:: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum {1900}

:: The Wonders of a Toy Shop by J.Q. Preble {185-x}

:: The woodcutter's dog by Charles Nodier {1922}

:: The woodcutter's son By Violet Moore Higgins {1917}

:: The world of King Arthur and his court; people, places, legend, and lore by Crossley-Holland, Kevin {1999}

:: The yellow fairy book by Andrew Lang {1906}

:: The yellow ticket and other stories by Harris, Frank {1914}

:: The young sailors by Hughs, Mrs. {1849}

:: Think before you speak, or, The three wishes - a tale by Dorset, Catherine Ann Turner {1810}

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:: Three lives by Gertrude Stein {1909}

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:: Through the fray; a tale of the Luddite riots by Henty, G. A. {190-}

:: Through the looking glass and what Alice found thereby Lewis Carroll {1907}

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:: Tik-Tok of Oz by Baum, L. Frank {c1914}

:: Ting-a-ling by Stockton, Frank Richard {1916, c1910}

:: Tip Lewis and his lamp - by Pansy {1895}

:: Toby Tyler - Ten weeks with a circus by Otis, James {1881}

:: Tom Playfair, Making a start by Finn, Francis James {c1891}

:: Tom Slade with the colors, by Fitzhugh, Percy Keese {c1918}

:: Tom Thatcher's fortune - by Alger, Horatio {1888}

:: Tony the sleepless, an original tale by Chatelain, Clara de {1852}

:: Toots and his friends by Woods, Kate Tannatt {c1883}

:: Top-of-the-world stories for boys and girls By Poulsson, Emilie {1916}

:: Traditional nursery songs of England by Felix Summerly {1843}

:: Travellers' wonders and other stories - by Mrs. Mitford. {1845}

:: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson {1911}

:: True bear stories by Joaquin Miller {1900}

:: True courage {1820}

:: Twenty stories from Grimm by Grimm, Jacob {1896}

:: Twenty-Two Goblins by Arthur W. Ryder {1917}

:: Twice bought, a tale of the Oregon gold fields by Ballantyne, R. M {188-}

:: Twice-told tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne {1886}

:: Twilight land by Howard Pyle {1922}

:: Uncle John's third book. {1865}

:: Uncle Sam's library for boys and girls in his U. S. A. {1854}

:: Uncle Tom's Cabin for Children By Harriet Beecher Stowe {1908}

:: Uncle Tom's cabin, Life among the lowly {1900}

:: Under Drake's flag by G. A. Henty {1890}

:: Under false colours by Doudney, Sarah {1889}

:: Under the Chinese dragon - a tale of Mongolia. Illustrated by Charles M. Sheldon. By F. S. Brereton {1912}

:: Ursula at home by Griffith, Harriet P. Roelofson {1897}

:: Verses for children By Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing {1895}

:: Very little tales for very little children - Second series {1854}

:: Virginia, or, A little light on a very dark saying by Abbott, Jacob {c1855}

:: Walter in Constantinople by Eddy, Daniel C. {1868}

:: Wanted-a king, or, how Merle set the nursery rhymes - by Maggie Browne {1890}

:: Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis {1921}

:: What the moon saw - and other tales by Andersen, H. C. {1866}

:: Which is the wiser, People abroad. A tale for youth by Howitt, Mary Botham, {1842}

:: White violets {ca. 1854}

:: Wild animals I have known by Ernest Thompson Seton {1900}

:: William and his Uncle Be, a tale, designed for the use of young people by Hofland, Mrs. {1859}

:: William and his Uncle Ben by Hofland, Mrs. {1859}

:: William Gay, Play for boys by Abbott, Jacob {1869}

:: William Tell Told Again By P.G. Wodehouse {1904}

:: Willie and the mortage, showing how much may be accomplished by a boy by Abbott, Jacob {c1854}

:: Winter's tale by William Shakespeare {1912}

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:: Wit bought, The life and adventures of Robert Merry by Goodrich, Samuel G. {c1844}

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:: Wonder book for girls and boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne {1851}

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:: Wonder tales retold By Katharine Pyle {1937}

:: Wonderful stories for children by Andersen, H. C {1846}

:: Woodmyth & fables by Ernest Thompson Seton {1905}

:: World stories for children By Sophie L. Woods {1916}

:: World stories retold for modern boys and girls By William James Sly {1914}

:: Worth while stories for every day - by Lawton B. Evans {1917}

:: Worth, not wealth - and other tales by Cousin Angie {1857}

:: Wrecked on Spider Island by Otis, James {1896}

:: Youth's golden cycle by Fraser, John Foster {1885}


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