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How To Make Cheese Books on CD

How To Make Cheese at Home on CD
Name: How To Make Cheese at Home on CD
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How To Make Cheese Books on CD

CD-Rom republication for a collection of eight {8} vintage Cheesemaking How To Books.

In addition to the craft skills of cheesemaking, cheesemakers also need to be skilled in the grading of cheese to assess quality, defects and suitability for release from the maturing store for sale. The grading of cheese involves the visual inspection of a cheese and the assessment of a sample by sight, smell, taste and texture. The ability to predict when a cheese will be ready for sale or consumption forms part of the cheesemaker's skill, as the characteristics of cheese change constantly during maturation.

A cheesemaker is thus a person who has developed the knowledge and craft skills required to convert milk into cheese, by controlling precisely the types and amounts of ingredients used, and the parameters of the cheesemaking process, to make specific types and qualities of cheese. Most cheesemakers by virtue of their knowledge and experience are adept at making particular types of cheese. Few if any can quickly turn their hand to making any kind of cheese.

The manufacture of artisan cheese has become more popular in recent times, as an extension of the craft of cheesemaking.

CD contains the following 8 (eight) titles.

:: 1896 - Cheese and Cheese-making, butter and milk
~ with special reference to continental fancy cheeses
~ 150 pages.

:: 1905 - Cheese Making by John Wright Decker
~ Cheddar, Swiss, Brick, Limburger, Edam, Cottage.....
~ 200 pages.

:: 1908 -Varieties of Cheese by C. F. Doane
~ descriptions and analyses
~ 72 pages.

:: 1913 - The Science & Practice of Cheese-making
~ A treatise on the manufacture of American Cheddar cheese and other varieties, intended as a text-book for the use of dairy teachers and students in classroom and workroom.
~ 487 pages.

:: 1918 - The Book of Cheese by C. Thom
~ This book is intended as a guide in the interpretation of the processes of making and handling a series of important varieties of cheese. The kinds here considered are those made commercially in America
~ 426 pages.

:: 1920 - Butter and Cheese. by Charles William Walker-Tisdale
~ The objective of this short manual is to set before the reader, in language as free from technicalities as possible, a description of the production of butter and cheese.
~ 142 pages.

:: 1955 - Complete Book of Cheese
~ A brief look at cheese, plus dozens of mouth watering recipes using cheese as one of the main ingredients.

:: Cheese - How To Make It For Home Use
~ Twelve page quick start guide, will have you making cheese today!

:: BONUS Book
~ Dozens of easy to follow cheese recipes for the aspiring cheesemaker.


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