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How To Raise Poultry for Fun or Profit on DVD

How To Raise Poultry for Fun or Profit on DVD
Name: How To Raise Poultry for Fun or Profit on DVD
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How To Raise Poultry for Fun or Profit on DVD

Poultry farming is the practice of raising poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, as a subcategory of animal husbandry, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food.

More than 50 billion chickens are reared annually as a source of food, for both their meat and their eggs. Chickens farmed for meat are called broiler chickens, whilst those farmed for eggs are called egg-laying hens. In total, the UK alone consumes over 29 million eggs per day. Some hens can produce over 300 eggs a year. Chickens will naturally live for 6 or more years. After 12 months, the henís productivity will start to decline.

The vast majority of poultry are raised using intensive farming techniques. According to the Worldwatch Institute, 74 percent of the world's poultry meat, and 68 percent of eggs are produced this way. One alternative to intensive poultry farming is free range farming.

Today more and more cities including, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and others are allowing the raising of poultry - a boon for backyard farmers. This collection of 35 vintage poultry raising books lets you easily learn the ins and outs of raising chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, etc both for yourself or as a profitable money making business! It's easier than you may think!!

This DVD collection contains thousands of pages of information, hundreds of illustrations and a number of beautiful Full Color plates of stunning poultry images.

A total of one hundred ninety four {194} books.


:: 1843 The American Poultry Book
Being a practical treatise on the management of domestic poultry. 194 pages.

:: 1867 Domestic Poultry
Being a practical treatise on the preferable breeds of farm-yard poultry. 133 pages.

:: 1869 The Practical Poultry Keeper
A complete and standard guide to the management of poultry, whether for domestic use, the markets, or exhibition. 288 pages.

:: 1873 The Illustrated Book of Poultry
With practical scheduals for judging, constructed from actual analysis of the best modern decisions. Illustrated with fifty coloured portraits of prize birds, painted from life by J. W. Ludlow. 646 pages.

:: 1869 Wright's Book of Poultry
A complete encyclopedia of poultry raising. 760 pages.

:: 1877 Poultry
A practical guide to the choice, breeding, rearing, and management of all descriptions of fowls, turkeys, guinea-fowls, ducks, and geese, for profit and exhibition. 184 pages.

:: 1888 Profits in Poultry
Useful and ornamental breeds, and their profitable management. 284 pages.

:: 1894 The Practical Poultry Keeper
A complete and standard guide to the management of poultry whether for domestic use, the markets, or exhibition. 286 pages.

:: 1901 Farm Poultry
A popular sketch of domestic fowls for the farmer and amateur. 372 pages.

:: 1902 Poultry Culture
How to raise, manage, mate and judge thoroughbred fowls. 451 pages.

:: 1902 Poultry Architecture
A Practical Guide for Construction of Poultry Houses. 152 pages.

:: 1903 - 999 Questions and Answers
A guide to success with poultry, written and arranged in the form most helpful to the fancier and the market poultryman, the amateur and the expert. 152 pages.

:: 1905 First Lessons in Poultry Keeping
First year course. 176 pages.

:: 1906 First lessons in Poultry Keeping
Second year course. 168 pages.

:: 1907 Poultry-Craft
A text-book for poultry keepers. 173 pages.

:: 1907 Poultry Architecture
A practical guide for construction of poultry houses, coops and yards. 152 pages.

:: 1908 Poultry and Eggs for Market and Export
A handy guide for farmers and others in practical metods of poultry keeping. Designed to guide beginners to supply knowledge, and prevent them from spending money unnecessarily. 154 pages.

:: 1909 American Poultry Culture
A complete hand book of practical and profitable poultry keeping for the great army of beginners and small breeders. 366 pages.

:: 1911 Fattening Poultry
Extensive and accurate data in fattening poultry under commercial conditions. 76 pages.

:: 1912 The Beginner in Poultry
The zest and the profit in poultry growing. 488 pages.

:: 1912 Making a Poultry House
Plans and reccomendations for building basic chicken coops. 88 pages.

:: 1914 Poultry Diseases and Their Treatment
Written in easy to understand language that anyone can understand. 200 pages.

:: 1915 Poultry Diseases
The causes, symptoms and treatment with notes on post-mortem examinations. 150 pages.

:: 1915 Poultry Keeping
An elementary treatise dealing with the successful management of poultry. 394 pages.

:: 1915 Poultry for Profit
A practical manual for beginners, farmers and side-line poultrymen. 276 pages.

:: 1916 Poultry Breeding and Management
Written by reknowed expert James Dryden, professor of Poultry Husbandry at the Oregon Agricultural College. 424 pages.

:: 1918 Poultry House Construction
From basic coops to large multi-level poultry houses. 56 pages.

:: 1919 Poultry Houses and Fixtures
How to lay out poultry plants. 116 pages.

:: 1920 How to Feed Poultry for Any Purpose with Profit
A complete and authoritative treatise on feeding all classes of poultry - nutritive values of feeds, formulas to meet every probable requirement and for fowls kept under all conditions, practical rules for feeding, and how to adapt them to individual requirements-a text book for the beginner - a reference book for the expert.

:: 1920 Poultry Catalogue by Paradise Valley Poultry Ranch
A real interesting read, even for us non-poultry farmers... ;) 60 pages.

:: 1920 Poultry Culling
How and When to Cull. 8 pages.

:: 1920 Profitable Poultry Production
Turn your hobby into a profit making business! 302 pages.

:: 1921 Elmgrove Poultry Farm Catalog
Rose Comb Brown Leghorns, Single Comb White Leghorns, Lakenvelders, Rhode Island Reds, Barred & white Plymouth Rocks, White Wyandottes, Bronze Turkeys, Embden, African and Toulouse Geese, Rouen, Pekin and Indian Runner Ducks are all featured in this vintage catalog. 8 pages.

:: 1922 Poultry Feeds and Feeding
The principles of feeding poultry. 284 pages.

:: 1942 Poultry Costs and Profits
Six-year study of general farm flocks and semi-commercial flocks. 44 pages.

:: 1934 Colonial Chicks Catalog
Fun little 36 page catalog, check out the page samples below.


:: 1897 Turkeys and how to grow them.

:: 1902 Poultry appliances & handicraft

:: 1915 How to kill and bleed market poultry

:: A living from poultry_ or, The friendship system of poultry keeping{1911}

:: A manual on poultry {1883}

:: A poultry compendium, being a brief treatise on the rearing and management of domestic fowls {1885}

:: A practical treatise on egg making and its conditions and profits in poultry {1905}

:: A treatise on the history and management of ornamental and domestic poultry {1857}

:: American poultry doctor {1913}

:: An egg farm the management of poultry in large numbers {1889}

:: Biggle poultry book {1895}

:: Breeding and selection of commercial poultry {1917}

:: Breeding poultry for egg production {1911}

:: Building plans for poultrymen and practical methods of poultry raising {1920}

:: Burnham's new poultry book {1871}

:: California poultry culture {1906}

:: California poultry practice {1915}

:: Commercial poultry raising {1918}

:: Common poultry diseases {1919}

:: Common sense in the poultry yard {1909}

:: Common sense in the poultry yard ~ A story of failures and successes {1900}

:: Common sense on poultry raising {1906}

:: Common-sense poultry doctor {1907}

:: Diseases and enemies of poultry {1897}

:: Diseases of domestic poultry {1876}

:: Diseases of poultry {1897}

:: Diseases of poultry, their etiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention {1915}

:: Dollars and sense in the poultry business {1921}

:: Domestic fowl and ornamental poultry {1852}

:: Efficient poultry housing {1913}

:: Efficient poultry housing

:: Egg and poultry raising at home {1902}

:: Essentials of successful poultry keeping {1912}

:: Exercises in poultry husbandry for high schools {1916}

:: Farm poultry {1912}

:: Farming for ladies or, a guide to the poultry-yard, the dairy and piggery {1844}

:: Farm-poultry doctor. Prevention and cure of poultry diseases {1896}

:: Geyelin's poultry breeding {1867}

:: Health in the poultry yard and how to cure sick fowls {1886}

:: Hen and chicks_ or, How to make money raising poultry

:: How I manage my poultry_ the general management of poultry {1884}

:: How to dress poultry {1904}

:: How to kill and bleed market poultry {1915}

:: How to make poultry keeping pay {1910}

:: How to raise poultry on a large scale {1880}

:: How to raise profitable poultry {1913}

:: Inheritance in poultry {1906}

:: Investigations concerning infectious diseases among poultry {1895}

:: Lehman's poultry doctor {1909}

:: Making poultry pay {1907}

:: Market poultry {1913}

:: Methods of poultry management at the Maine agricultural experiment station {1916}

:: Money in poultry and squabs {1910}

:: Moubray's Treatise on Domestic and Ornamental Poultry A Practical Guide to {1854}

:: Nature and its natural laws {1901}

:: New-laid eggs_ hints for amateur poultry-rearers {1892}

:: Open-air poultry houses for all climates {1912}

:: Ornamental and domestic poultry their history and management {1850}

:: Pleasure and profit from poultry {1922}

:: Portable poultry fence, how to build and erect it {1915}

:: Poultry Ailments and Their Treatment For the Use of Amateurs {1885}

:: Poultry appliances & handicraft {1902}

:: Poultry book {1867}

:: Poultry culture {1886}

:: Poultry diseases and their remedies {1922}

:: Poultry diseases, causes, symptoms and treatment, with notes on post-mortem examinations {1915}

:: Poultry diseases, with a chapter on the Anatomy of the fowl {1917}

:: Poultry experience_ the empire poultry book {1914}

:: Poultry feeding and fattening, including preparation for market {1904}

:: Poultry for the table and market versus fancy fowls {1893}

:: Poultry growers guide for 1912 {1912}

:: Poultry husbandry {1915}

:: Poultry keeping as an industry for farmers and cottagers {1892}

:: Poultry laboratory guide _ a manual for the study of practical poultry keeping {1910}

:: Poultry laboratory manual and note book {1918}

:: Poultry packers' guide {1909}

:: Poultry pension, for the average farmer or poultry man {1900}

:: Poultry production {1921}

:: Poultry secrets, gathered, tested and now disclosed {1909}

:: Poultry their breeding, rearing, diseases, and general management {1853}

:: Poultry west of the Rockies {1902}

:: Poultry-craft. A text-book for poultry keepers {1899}

:: Poultry-house construction {1918}

:: Poultry-keeping {1879}

:: Practical caponizing and how to make poultry pay {1886}

:: Practical experience with poultry {1886}

:: Practical poultry culture {1898}

:: Practical poultry keeping as I understand it {1884}

:: Practical poultry, and how to dress fowl {1917}

:: Principles and practice of poultry culture {1912}

:: Productive poultry husbandry {1913}

:: Profitable and ornamental poultry {1871}

:: Profitable breeds of poultry {1912}

:: Profitable poultry {1854}

:: Profitable poultry farming {1893}

:: Profitable poultry keeping {1884}

:: Profitable poultry keeping {1895}

:: Profits in poultry keeping solved {1913}

:: Profits in poultry keeping solved_ the Briggs' system {1910}

:: Profits in poultry useful and ornamental breeds and their profitable management {1898}

:: Progressive poultry culture {1913}

:: Progressive Poultry Raising {1920}

:: Races of domestic poultry {1906}

:: Reliable poultry remedies {1901}

:: Reliable poultry remedies {1905}

:: Science and art of poultry culture {1909}

:: Science applied to poultry raising {1920}

:: Simple poultry remedies {1909}

:: Sixteen years' experience in artificial poultry-raising {1886}

:: Southern poultry guide {1908}

:: Standard American perfection poultry book {1902}

:: Standard American poultry book_ a guide to profitable poultry keeping {1886}

:: Standard and commercial poultry culture {1885}

:: Studies of poultry from the farm to the consumer {1910}

:: Success With Poultry in California {1914}

:: Successful back-yard poultry keeping {1920}

:: Successful poultry raising {1915}

:: The ABC poultry book {1900}

:: The American breeds of poultry {1921}

:: The American fancier's poultry book {1896}

:: The American poulterer's companion {1867}

:: The American poultry yard {1853}

:: The book of poultry {1921}

:: The breeding and management of poultry {1877}

:: The business hen_ breeding and feeding poultry for profit {1892}

:: The call of the hen_ or, The science of the selection and breeding of poultry {1913}

:: The complete poultry book {1882}

:: The diseases of poultry {1899}

:: The Gillette poultry houses {1912}

:: The home poultry book {1913}

:: The illustrated book of domestic poultry {1854}

:: The illustrated book of poultry {1890}

:: The key to successful poultry raising {1887}

:: The mating and breeding of poultry {1920}

:: The Narsh poultry system {1910}

:: The new american poultry book {1884}

:: The parasitic diseases of poultry {1896}

:: The people's practical poultry book {1871}

:: The perfected poultry of America_ a concise {1907}

:: The poultry and egg industry of leading European countries {1904}

:: The poultry book {1903} vol 1

:: The poultry book {1903} vol 2

:: The poultry doctor {1891}

:: The poultry manual. A complete guide for the breeder and exhibitor {1911}

:: The poultry manual_ a guide to successful poultry keeping in all its branches

:: The poultry yard {1893}

:: The poultryman's handbook {1912}

:: The practical poultry book, for both the farmer and fancier {1884}

:: The practical poultry keeper {1899}

:: The Problem solved {1920}

:: The truth about the poultry business {1914}

:: The western poultry guide {1913}

:: Treatise on care and diseases of poultry {1913}

:: Twentieth century poultry buildings and how to build them {1910}

:: Twenty lessons on poultry keeping {1916}

:: Two dollars a day from poultry and eggs {1909}

:: Wickstrum's book on poultry {1910}

:: Wright's book of poultry {1912}

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