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Incredible But True

Incredible But True
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Incredible But True ~ OTR Radio Collection

Old-Time Radio (OTR) refers to the period of radio programming from the early 1920s until television's replacement of radio in the 1950s. During this period, the airwaves were filled with a huge variety of radio programs. According to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners, which explains the massive variety of radio programing - mystery, westerns, drama, comedy and more.

Vintage Literature Reproductions is pleased to offer you this collection of old time radio programs on a Gift Quality DVD for your listening enjoyment. These radio programs are designed to play on any computer, and most other MP3 capable listening devices. These programs can easily be copied to CD's, so they may be played in your car, on your home stereo, or take them with you and enjoy them anywhere, anytime on your portable MP3 listening device.

Programs Include:

:: A collection of 81 Shows

:: The Man Who Walked Behind

:: Water, Water Everywhere

:: Mr Watt's Awakening

:: Dead Man's Mirror

:: The Man Who Saw Everythi

:: Human Atmosphere

:: The End of David Lang

:: What Day Will He Die

:: The Playful Spirit

:: Beware My Son

:: Death of a Monster

:: The Lady and the Lake

:: The Woman Upstairs

:: Footprints in the Sand

:: The Dusk is Deceptive

:: Enemy Unknown

:: Barren Ground

:: Trail of the Warebeast

:: Veins of the Marble

:: Death Makes a Landing

:: Valley of Doom

:: The Roving Pansinis

:: The Room Upstairs

:: Intruder on the Earth

:: Music by Moonlight

:: Cross of Blood

:: Pretend Your Pavova

:: Desert Magic

:: The Vanishing Clergyman

:: Voice of the Dead

:: The Burglar of Blackpool

:: Masque of Mystery

:: The Abominable Snowman

:: The Man Who Said Mass

:: Two Heads are Better

:: Film of Death

:: Handwriting on the Wall

:: Here Will You Lie

:: Perrenial Guest

:: Three Hundred Years Late

:: Two Men in the Moon

:: The Devil's Diggings

:: The Whereabouts of Mr Wa

:: The Skull of Bettiscomb

:: The One That Got Away

:: Nemesis on the Left

:: Goodbye Mr Bathurst

:: Death Gives a Warning

:: Mr Browning's Cufflinks

:: The Doctor Pays a Call

:: Letter to a Friend

:: The Baming Spirit

:: Room

:: You Tell Me Your Dream

:: Three Who Died

:: Pray for Me

:: Familiar Streets

:: The Heat of Anger

:: Water Wheel

:: The Wolf on Bald Mountai

:: The Constable's Companio

:: Where There's Smoke

:: The Phantom Army

:: Rescue at Sea

:: The Monk of Sawtooth Mou

:: Silent as a Tomb

:: Requiem

:: Death Has a Will

:: Heads Up

:: Only a Miracle

:: Welcome Home

:: The Wanderer

:: The Stowaway

:: Appointment in Stockholm

:: Death Notice

:: The Temple of Beal

:: The Face of Death

:: Dragon of Buren County

:: Premonition

:: Naked Man of Newbury


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