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Celtic Myth, Folklore and History Books On CD

Celtic Myth, Folklore and History Books On CD
Name: Celtic Myth, Folklore and History Books On CD
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This CD contains 44 Rare and Fascinating Historic books detailing Ancient Celtic Mythology, Folklore and History.

Below is a breakdown of the books and their contents by region. The book titles are bolded and the contents are in the bullet points below each book. All books are complete - including any illustrations that were in the original hardcopy books. In many cases, we list the chapters in the books but we also list many books just by title and publication date in an effort to keep the ad a reasonable size. If you have a question about the contents of any book, please ask us.

All books are supplied in PDF format and are fully searchable.

The Second Battle of Mag Tuired (Cath Maige Tuired)

The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge)

The Destruction of Dá Derga's Hostel

Heroic Romances of Ireland (2 Vols.).

Cuchulain of Muirthemne by Lady Gregory [1902]

  • I. Birth of Cuchulain
  • II. Boy Deeds of Cuchulain
  • III. Courting of Emer
  • IV. Bricrius Feast
  • V. The Championship of Ulster
  • VI. The High King of Ireland
  • VII. Fate of the Sons of Usnach
  • VIII. Dream of Angus Og
  • IX. Cruachan
  • X. The Wedding of Maine Morgor
  • XI. The War for the Bull of Cuilagne
  • XII. Awakening of Ulster
  • XIII. The Two Bulls
  • XIV. The Only Jealously of Emer
  • XV. Advice to a Prince
  • XVI. Sons of Doel Dermait
  • XVII. Battle of Rosnaree
  • XVIII. The Only Son of Aoife
  • XIX. The Great Gathering at Muirthemne
  • XX. Death of Cuchulain

Gods and Fighting Men by Lady Gregory [1904]

  • Part I Book I: Fight with the Firbolgs
  • Part I Book I: Reign of Bres
  • Part I Book II: The Coming of Lugh
  • Part I Book II: The Sons of Tuireann
  • Part I Book III: The Great Battle of Magh Tuireadh
  • Part I Book II: Hidden House of Lugh
  • Part I Book III: The Landing
  • Part I Book III: The Battle of Tailltin
  • Part I Book IV: Bodb Deag
  • Part I Book IV: The Dagda
  • Part I Book IV: Angus Og
  • Part I Book IV: The Morrigu
  • Part I Book IV: Aine
  • Part I Book IV: Aoibhell
  • Part I Book IV: Midhir and Etain
  • Part I Book IV: Manannan
  • Part I Book IV: Manannan at Play
  • Part I Book IV: His Call to Bran
  • Part I Book IV: His Three Calls to Cormac
  • Part I Book IV: Cliodna's Wave
  • Part I Book IV: Call to Connla
  • Part I Book IV: Tadg in Manannan's Islands
  • Part I Book IV: Laegaire in the Happy Plain
  • Part I Book V: Fate of the Children of Lir
  • Part II Book I: The Coming of Finn
  • Part II Book I: Finns Household
  • Part II Book I: Birth of Bran
  • Part II Book I: Oisin's Mother
  • Part II Book I: The Best Men of the Fianna
  • Part II Book II: The Lad of the Skins
  • Part II Book II: Black, Brown, and Grey
  • Part II Book II: The Hound
  • Part II Book II: Red Ridge
  • Part II Book III: The Enemies of Ireland
  • Part II Book III: Cael and Credhe
  • Part II Book III: Conn Crither
  • Part II Book III: Glas Son of Dremen
  • Part II Book III: Help of the Men of Dea
  • Part II Book III: The March of the Fianna
  • Part II Book III: The First Fighters
  • Part II Book III: The King of Ulsters Son
  • Part II Book III: The High King's Son
  • Part II Book III: The King of Lochlann and his Sons
  • Part II Book III: Labran's Journey
  • Part II Book III: The Great Fight
  • Part II Book III: Credhe's Lament
  • Part II Book IV: King of Britains Son
  • Part II Book IV: Cave of Ceiscoran
  • Part II Book IV: Donn, Son of Midhir
  • Part II Book IV: Hospitality of Cuanna's House
  • Part II Book IV: Cats Heads and Dog Heads
  • Part II Book IV: Lomna's Head
  • Part II Book IV: Illbrec of Ess Ruadh
  • Part II Book IV: The Cave of Cruachan
  • Part II Book IV: The Wedding at Ceann Slieve
  • Part II Book IV: The Shadowy One
  • Part II Book IV: Finn's Madness
  • Part II Book IV: The Red Woman
  • Part II Book IV: Finn and the Phantoms
  • Part II Book IV: The Pigs of Angus
  • Part II Book IV: The Hunt of Slieve Cuilinn
  • Part II Book V: Oisin's Children
  • Part II Book VI: Birth of Diarmuid
  • Part II Book VI: How Diarmuid Got His Love-Spot
  • Part II Book VI: The Daughter of King Under-Wave
  • Part II Book VI: The Hard Servant
  • Part II Book VI: The House of the Quicken Trees
  • Part II Book VII: The Flight from Teamhair
  • Part II Book VII: The Pursuit
  • Part II Book VII: The Green Champions
  • Part II Book VII: The Wood of Dubhros
  • Part II Book VII: The Quarrel
  • Part II Book VII: The Wanderers
  • Part II Book VII: Fighting and Peace
  • Part II Book VII: The Boar of Beinn Gulbain
  • Part II Book VIII: Tailc, Son of Treon
  • Part II Book VIII: Meargach's Wife
  • Part II Book VIII: Ailne's Revenge
  • Part II Book IX: The Quarrel with the Sons of Morna
  • Part II Book IX: Death of Goll
  • Part II Book IX: The Battle of Gabhra
  • Part II Book X: The Death of Bran
  • Part II Book X: The Call of Oisin
  • Part II Book X: The Last of the Great Men
  • Part II Book XI: Oisin's Story
  • Part II Book XI: Oisin in Patrick's House
  • Part II Book XI: The Arguments
  • Part II Book XI: Oisin's Lament

Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland by Lady Gregory [1920]

The Celtic Twilight by W.B. Yeats [1893 and 1902]

Legends and Stories of Ireland by Samuel Lover [1831, 1834]

The Irish Sketch-book by William Makepeace Thackeray [1845]

Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland by Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde [1887]

Myths and Folklore of Ireland by Jeremiah Curtin [1890]

  • The Son of the King of Erin and the Giant of Loch Lein
  • The Three Daughters of King O'Hara
  • The Weaver's Don and the Giant of the White Hill
  • Fair, Brown and Trembling
  • The King of Erin and the Queen of the Lonesome Island
  • The Shee an Gannon and the Grugach Gaire
  • The Three Daughters of the King of the East and the Son of a King in Erin
  • The Fisherman's Son and the Grugach of Tricks
  • The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin
  • Kil Arthur
  • Shaking-Head
  • Birth of Fin MacCumhail
  • Fin MacCumhail and the Fenians of Erin in the Castle of Fear Dubh
  • Fin MacCumhail and the Knight of the Full Axe
  • Gilla na Grakin and Fin MacCumhail
  • Fin MacCumhail The Seven Brothers and the King of France
  • Black, Brown and Gray
  • Fin MacCumhail and the Son of the King of Alba
  • Cuculin
  • Oisin in Tir Na N-Og

Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts by Patrick Kennedy [1891]

  • Jac and His Comrades
  • The Bad Stepmother
  • Adventures of Gilla na Chreck an Gour
  • Jack the Master and Jack the Servant
  • I'll be Wiser the next Time
  • The Three Crowns
  • The Corpse Watchers
  • The Brown Bear of Norway
  • The Goban Saor
  • The Three Advices which the King with the Red Soles gave to his Son
  • Legends of the 'Good People'
  • The Fairy Child
  • The Changeling and his Bagpipes
  • The Tobinstown Sheeoge
  • The Belated Priest
  • The Palace in the Rath
  • The Breton Version of the Palace in the Rath
  • The Fairy Nurse
  • The Recovered Bride
  • Faction-fight among the Fairies
  • Jemmy Doyle in the Fairy Palace
  • The Fairy Cure
  • The Sea Fairies
  • The Black Cattle of Durzy Island
  • The Silkie Wife
  • The Pooka of Murroe
  • The Kildare Pooka
  • The Kildare Lurikeen
  • The Adventures of the 'Son of Bad Counsel'
  • Witchcaft, Socery, Ghosts and Fetches
  • The Long Spoon
  • The Prophet before his Time
  • The Bewitched Churn
  • The Ghosts and the Game of Football
  • The Cat of the Carman's Stage
  • Cauth Morisy looking for Service
  • Black Stairs on Fire
  • The Witches Excursion
  • The Crock found in the Rath
  • The Enchantment of Gearhoidh Iarla
  • Illan Eachtach and the Lianan
  • The Misfortunes of Barrett the Piper
  • The Woman in White
  • The Queen's County Ghost
  • The Ghost in Graigue
  • Droochan's Ghost
  • The Kiranelagh Spirit
  • The Doctor's Fetch
  • The Apparition in Old Ross
  • Ossianic and Early Legends
  • Fann Mac Cuil and the Scotch Giant
  • How Fann Mac Cuil and his Men were Bewitched
  • Qualifications and Duties of the Fianna Eirionn
  • The Battle of Ventry Harbour
  • The Fight of Castle Knoc
  • The Youth of Fion
  • Fion's First Marriage
  • How Fion selected a Wife
  • Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne
  • The Flight of the Sluggard
  • Beanriogain na Sciana Breaca
  • Conan's Delusions in Ceash
  • The Youth of Oisin
  • The Old Age of Oisin
  • Legend of Loch na Piasta
  • The King with the Horse's Ears
  • The Story of the Sculloge's Son from Muskerry
  • Fios Fath an Aaon Sceil
  • An Broan Suan Or
  • The Children of Lir
  • Lough Neagh
  • Killarney
  • Legend of the Lake of Inchiquin
  • How the Shannon acquired its Name
  • The Origin of the Lake of Tiis
  • The Building of Ardfert Cathredral
  • How Donaghedee got its Name
  • The Borrowed Lake
  • Kilstoheen in the Shannon
  • The Isle of the Living
  • Fionnutuin Mac Bochna
  • The Firbolgs and Danaans
  • Inis na Muic
  • The Bath of the White Cows
  • The Quest for the Tain-Bo-Cuilagne
  • The Progress of the Wicked Bard
  • Legends of the Celtic Saints
  • St Patrick
  • How St Patrick received the Staff of Jesus
  • The Fortune of Dichu
  • St Patrick's Contest with the Druids
  • The Baptism of Aongus
  • The Decision of the Chariot
  • Conversion of the Robber Chief, Macaldus
  • Baptism after Death
  • The Vision of St Brigid
  • Death and Burial of St Patrick
  • The Corpse-freighted Barque
  • St Brigid's Cloak
  • St Brigid and the Harps
  • Arran of the Saints and its Patrons
  • St Feancheas's Visit to Arran
  • St Brendain's Voyage
  • The Island of the Birds
  • The Sinner Saved
  • A Legend of St Mogue of Ferns
  • O' Carroll's Warning
  • How St Eloi was cured of Pride
  • St Lateerin of Cullin

The Aran Islands by John M. Synge [1907]

Celtic Wonder Tales by Ella Young [1910]

  • The Earth Shapers
  • The Spear of Victory
  • A Good Action
  • How the Son of Gobhaun Saor Sold the Sheepskin
  • How the Son of Gobhaun Saor Shortened the Road
  • The Cow of Plenty
  • The Coming of Lugh
  • The Eric-Fine of Lugh
  • The Great Battle
  • Inisfail
  • The Golden Fly
  • The Children of Lir
  • The Luck-Child
  • Conary Mor

Beside the Fire by Douglas Hyde [1910]

  • The Tailor and the Three Beasts
  • Bran
  • The King of Ireland's Son
  • The Alp-Luachra
  • Paudyeen O'Kelly and the Weasel
  • Leeam O'Rooney's Burial
  • Guleesh na Guss Dhu
  • The Well of D'Yerree-In-Dowan
  • The Court of Crinnawn
  • Neil O'Carree
  • Trunk-Without-Head
  • The Hags of the Long Teeth
  • William of the Tree
  • The Old Crow & The Young Crow
  • Riddles

The Crock of Gold by James Stephens [1912]

  • Book 1--The Coming of Pan
  • Book 2--The Philosophers Journey
  • Book 3--The Two Gods
  • Book 4--The Philosophers Return
  • Book 5--The Policemen
  • Book 6--The Thin Woman's Journey

In Wicklow and West Kerry by John M. Synge [1912]

The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum [1916]

Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens [1920]

  • The Story of Tuan Mac Cairill
  • The Boyhood of Fionn
  • The Birth of Bran
  • Oisin's Mother
  • The Wooing of Becfola
  • The Little Brawl at Allen
  • The Carl of the Drab Coat
  • The Enchanted Cave of Cesh Corran
  • Mongan's Frenzy

The Mabinogion Lady Charlotte Guest, tr. [1849]

  • The First Branch: Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed
  • The Second Branch: Branwen Daughter of Llyr
  • The Third Branch: Manawydan son of Llyr
  • The Fourth Branch: Math son of Mathonwy
  • Dream of Macsen (Wledig)
  • Lludd and Llefelys
  • Dream of Rhonabwy
  • How Culhwch Won Olwen or the Twrch Trwyth
  • Taliesin
  • Owain or The Lady of the Fountain
  • Geraint the Son of Erbin.
  • Peredur: 7th son of Earl Evrawc (Part I)

Prolegomena to the Study of Old Welsh Poetry by Edward Anwyl [1903]

The Gododdin Poems from The Four Ancient Books of Wales by William F. Skene [1869]

British Goblins by Wirt Sikes [1881]

  • Chapter I: Fairy Tales and the Ancient Mythology
  • Chapter II: Classification of Welsh Fairies
  • Chapter III: Lake Fairies
  • Chapter IV: Mountain Fairies
  • Chapter V: Changelings
  • Chapter VI: Living with the Tylwyth Teg
  • Chapter VII: Fairy Music
  • Chapter VIII: Fairy Rings
  • Chapter IX: Piety as a Protection from the Seductions of the Tylwyth Teg
  • Chapter X: Fairy Money and Fairy Gifts in General
  • Chapter XI: Origins of Welsh Fairies

The Welsh Fairy Book by W. Jenkyn Thomas [1907]

  • The Lady of the Lake
  • Arthur in the Cave
  • The Curse of the Pantannas
  • The Drowning of the Bottom Hundred
  • Elidyr's Sojurn in Fairy Land
  • Rhys and Llywelyn
  • Lowri Dafydd Earns a Purse of Gold
  • The Llanfabon Changeling
  • Why the Red Dragon is the Emblem of Wales
  • Lyn Cwm Llwch
  • The Adventures of Three Farmers
  • Cadwaladr and his Goat
  • The Fairy Wife
  • Einion and the Lady of the Greenwood
  • The Green Isles of the Ocean
  • March's Ears
  • The Fairy Harp
  • Guto Bach and the Fairies
  • Ianto's Chase
  • The Stray Cow
  • Bala Lake
  • The Forbidden Fountain
  • Tudur ap Einion
  • The Fairy Walking Stick
  • Dick the Fiddler's Money
  • A Strange Otter
  • Fairy Ointment
  • Pergrin and the Mermaiden
  • The Cave of the Young Men of Snowdonia
  • Einion and the Fair Family
  • St Collen and the King of Fairy
  • Helig's Hollow
  • Owen Goes A-Wooing
  • The Fairy Reward
  • Why Deunant has the Front Door in the Back
  • Getting Rid of Fairies
  • The Mantle of Kings' Beards
  • Pedws Ffowk and St. Elian's Well
  • Magic Music
  • Sili go Dwt
  • Another Changeling
  • A Fairy Borrowing
  • Treasure Seeking
  • The Richest Man
  • St. Beuno and the Curlew
  • The Cat Witches
  • The Swallowed Court
  • What Marged Rolant Saw
  • Ned Puw's Farewell
  • Pennard Castle
  • The Man with the Green Weeds
  • Goronwy Tudor and the Witches of Llanddons
  • Robin's Return
  • The Harper's Gratuity
  • Six and Four are Ten
  • Envy Burns Itself
  • The Bride from the Red Lake
  • A Fairy Dog
  • Grace's Well
  • The Fairy Password
  • St. Winifred's Well
  • The Ancients of the World
  • Nansi Llwyd and the Dog of Darkness
  • An Adventure in the Big Bog
  • The Pwca of the Trwyn
  • John Gethin and the Candle
  • Fetching a Halter
  • Dai Sion's Homecoming
  • Melangell's Lambs
  • Syfaddon Lake
  • The Power of St Tegla's Well
  • The Men of Ardudwy
  • The Parti-coloured Cow
  • Striking a Corpse Candle
  • Hu Gadarn
  • The Devil's Bridge
  • The Martyred Hound
  • Twm of the Fair Lies
  • Black Robin
  • Llyn Llech Owen
  • A Ghostly Rehersal
  • A Phantom's Funeral
  • Why the Robin's Breast is Red

Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx By John Rhys [1900]

The Poems of Ossian by James Macpherson [1773]

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales by Sir George Douglas [1773]

  • The Three Green Men of Glen Nevis.
  • The Story of the White Pet
  • The Milk-White Doo.
  • The Croodin Doo
  • The Cattie Sits in the Kiln-Ring Spinning
  • Marriage of Robin Redbreast and the Wren
  • The Tempted Lady
  • The Fause Knight and the Wee Boy
  • The Strange Visitor
  • Rashin-coatie
  • The Fox Outwitted
  • The Fox Troubled With Fleas
  • The Fox and the Bag-Pipes
  • The Fox's Stratagem
  • The Fox and the Wrens
  • The Fox and the Cock
  • How the Wolf Lost His Tail
  • Frog and Crow
  • The Grouse Cock and His Wife
  • The Eagle and the Wren
  • The Wren's Presumption
  • The Two Foxes
  • The Bee and the Mouse
  • The Two Mice
  • Alexander Jones
  • The Fairies of Scotland
  • The Fairy and the Miller's Wife
  • Sir Godfrey Macculloch
  • The Laird O' Co'
  • Habitrot
  • The Tulman
  • The Isle Of Pabaidh
  • Sanntraigh
  • Water Fairies
  • Fairy Transportation
  • The Poor Man of Peatlaw
  • The Fairy Boy of Leith
  • Mind the Crooked Finger
  • The Two Young Ploughmen
  • The Smith and the Fairies
  • The Lothian Farmer's Wife
  • Redemption From Fairy Land
  • The Fairy and the Bible-Reader
  • Thom and Willie
  • The Gloaming Bucht
  • The Fairy's Song
  • The Faithful Purse-Bearer
  • The Scottish Brownie
  • The Brownie Of Bodsbeck
  • The Brownie And The Thievish Maids
  • The Bogle
  • The Doomed Rider
  • Graham Of Morphie
  • The Fisherman and the Merman
  • The Mermaid Wife
  • The Seal-Catcher's Adventure
  • The Mermaid Of Knockdolion
  • The Young Laird Of Lorntie
  • Nuckelavee
  • The Two Shepherds
  • Fatlips
  • The Silly Mutton
  • Macgillichallum of Razay
  • The Witch Of Laggan
  • The Blacksmith's Wife of Yarrowfoot
  • The Miller of Holdean
  • Ronaldson of Bowden
  • The Farmer's Wife Of Deloraine
  • Laird Harry Gilles
  • The Missing Web
  • The Witches Of Delnabo
  • The Brazen Brogues
  • The Wee Bunnock
  • The Tale of The Shifty Lad, The Widow's Son
  • Lothian Tom
  • The Ploughman's Glory; Or, Tom's Song.
  • The Witty Exploits of Mr. George Buchanan, the King's Fool
  • The Haunted Ships
  • Elphin Irving
  • Cousin Mattie
  • Rat Hall

The Secret Common-Wealth By Robert Kirk [1692?]

Fairy Legends and Traditions by Thomas Crofton Croker [1825]

  • The Legend of Knocksheogowna
  • The Legend of Knockfierna
  • The Legend of Knockgrafton
  • The Priest
  • The Young Piper
  • The Brewery of Egg-Shells
  • The Changeling
  • The Two Gossips
  • The Legend of Bottle Hill
  • The Confessions of Tom Bourke
  • Fairies Or No Fairies
  • The Haunted Cellar
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Master and Man
  • The Field of Boliauns
  • The Little Shoe
  • Legends of the Banshee
  • Legends of the Banshee
  • The Spirit Horse
  • Daniel O Rourke
  • The Crookened Back
  • The Haunted Castle
  • Fior Usga
  • Cormac and Mary
  • The Legend of Lough Gur
  • The Enchanted Lake
  • The Legend of O'Donoghue
  • The Lady of Gollerus
  • Flory Cantillon's Funeral
  • The Lord of Dunkerron
  • The Wonderful Tune
  • The Wonderful Tune
  • Hanlon's Mill
  • The Death Coach
  • The Headless Horseman
  • Diarmid Bawn, The Piper
  • Teigue of the Lee
  • Ned Sheehy's Excuse
  • The Lucky Guest
  • Dreaming Tim Jarvis
  • Rent-Day
  • Linn-Na-Payshtha
  • The Legend of Cairn Thierna
  • The Rock of the Candle
  • Clough na Cuddy
  • The Giant's Stairs

British Goblins by Wirt Sikes [1881]

  • Chapter I: Fairy Tales and the Ancient Mythology
  • Chapter II: Classification of Welsh Fairies
  • Chapter III: Lake Fairies
  • Chapter IV: Mountain Fairies
  • Chapter V: Changelings
  • Chapter VI: Living with the Tylwyth Teg
  • Chapter VII: Fairy Music
  • Chapter VIII: Fairy Rings
  • Chapter IX: Piety as a Protection from the Seductions of the Tylwyth Teg
  • Chapter X: Fairy Money and Fairy Gifts in General
  • Chapter XI: Origins of Welsh Fairies

Tales of Fairies and of the Ghost World by Jeremiah Curtin [1895]

  • John Connors and the Fairies
  • Fitzgerald and Daniel O'Donohue
  • The Fairies of Rahonain and Elizabeth Shea
  • The Knights of Kerry - Rahonain Castle
  • The Cattle Jobber of Awnascawil
  • The Midwife of Listowel
  • Daniel Crowley and the Ghosts
  • Tom Daly and the Nut-Eating Ghost
  • Tom Connors and the Dead Girl
  • The Farmer of Tralee and the Fairy Cows
  • The Two Gamblers and the Fairies
  • The Girl and the Robber
  • Maurice Griffin and the Fairy Doctor
  • The Three Sisters and Their Husbands, Three Brothers
  • John Shea and the Treasure
  • St. Martin's Eve
  • James Murray and Saint Martin
  • Fairy Cows
  • John Reardon and the Sister Ghosts
  • Maggie Doyle and the Dead Man
  • Pat Doyle and the Ghost
  • The Ghost of Sneem
  • The Dead Mother
  • Tim Sheehy Sent Back to This World to Prove His Innocence
  • Tom Moore and the Seal Woman
  • The Four-Leafed Shamrock
  • John Cokeley and the Fairy
  • Tom Foley's Ghost
  • The Blood-Drawing Ghost
  • Murderous Ghosts

A Peep at the Pixies by Anna Eliza Bray; Illustrations by Hablot K. Browne [1854].

  • Pixy Gathon, or, the Tailor's Needle
  • The Three Trials, or, the Story of Crabby Cross
  • The Seven Crosses of Tiverton, or, The Pixy Picket
  • Background Notes on the Seven Crosses of Tiverton
  • Fontina, or, The Pixies' Bath
  • The Lady of the Silver Bell
  • The Belfry Rock, or, The Pixies' Revenge

Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies by William Crossing [1890].

  • Chapter I: The Moorland Haunts of the Pixies
  • Chapter II: The Pixies' Trysting Place
  • Chapter III: By the Peat Filled Hearth
  • Chapter IV: Lough Tor Hole. The Huccaby Courting
  • Chapter V: The Pixie at the Ockerry. Jimmy Townsend and his Sister Race
  • Chapter VI: The Ungrateful Farmer.--The Pixy Threshers.--Rewarding a Pixy
  • Chapter VII: Nanny Norrish and the Pixies.--The Ploughman's Breakfast.--The Pixy Riders.--Jan Coo
  • Chapter VIII: The Borrowed Colts.--The Boulder in the Room.--Vickeytoad.--Modilla and Podilla
  • Chapter IX: The Lost Path.--The Pixies' Revel.--Conclusion

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W.Y. Evans-Wentz [1911]

  • Environment (section I, chapter I)
  • Taking of Evidence (Section I Chapter II part 1)
  • Taking Evidence (Section I, Chapter II, part 2)
  • Taking Evidence (Section I, Chapter II, part 3)
  • Taking Evidence (Section I, Chapter II, part 4)
  • Taking Evidence (Section I, Chapter II, part 5)
  • Taking Evidence (Section I, Chapter II, part 6)
  • Anthropological Examination (Section I Chapter III)
  • People of the Goddess Dana (Section II Chapter IV)
  • Brythonic Divinities (Section II Chapter V)
  • Celtic Otherworld (Section II Chapter VI)
  • Doctrine of Rebirth (Section II Chapter VII)
  • Testimony of Archaelogy (Section III Chapter VIII)
  • Testimony of Paganism (Section III Chapter IX)
  • Testimony of Christianity (Section III Chapter X)
  • Science and Fairies (Section IV Chapter XI)

Fairies by Gertrude M. Faulding [1913].

The Fairy Mythology by Thomas Keightley [1870].

The Science of Fairy Tales by Edwin Sidney Hartland [1891].

  • Chapter I: The Art of Story-Telling
  • Chapter II: Savage Ideas
  • Chapter III: Fairy Births and Human Midwives
  • Chapter IV: Fairy Births and Human Midwives (continued)
  • Chapter V: Changelings
  • Chapter VI: Robberies from Fairyland
  • Chapter VII: The Supernatural Lapse of Time in Fairyland
  • Chapter VIII: The Supernatural Lapse of Time in Fairyland contd
  • Chapter IX: The Supernatural Lapse of Time in Fairyland contd.
  • Chapter X: Swan Maidens
  • Chapter XI: Swan Maidens contd.
  • Chapter XII: Conclusion

Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs [1892]

  • Connla and the Fairy Maiden
  • Guleesh
  • The Field of Boliauns
  • The Horned Women
  • Conall Yellowclaw
  • Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary
  • The Shepherd of Myddvai
  • The Sprightly Tailor
  • The Story of Deirdre
  • Munachar and Manachar
  • Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree
  • King O'Toole and his Goose
  • The Wooing of Olwen
  • Jack and his Comrades
  • The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire
  • The Story-Teller at Fault
  • The Sea-Maiden
  • A Legend of Knockmany
  • Fair, Brown and Trembling
  • Jack and his Master
  • Beth Gellert
  • The Tale of Ivan
  • Andrew Coffey
  • The Battle of the Birds
  • Brewery of Eggshells
  • The Lad with the Goat-Skin

More Celtic Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs [1894]

  • The Fate of the Children of Lir
  • Jack the Cunning Thief
  • Powel, Prince of Dyfed
  • Paddy O'Kelly and the Weasel
  • The Black Horse
  • The Vision of MacConglinney
  • Dream of Owen O'Mulready
  • Morraha
  • The Story of the McAndrew Family
  • The Farmer of Liddesdale
  • The Greek Princess and the Young Gardener
  • The Russet Dog
  • Smallhead and the King's Sons
  • The Legend of Knockgrafton
  • Elidore
  • The Leeching of Kayn's leg
  • How Fin went to the Kingdom of the Big Men
  • How Cormac Mac Art went to Faery
  • The Ridere of Riddles
  • The Tail

Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race by Thomas Rolleston [1911]

  • Chapter I: The Celts in Ancient History
  • Chapter II: The Religion of the Celts
  • Chapter III: The Irish Invasion Myths
  • Chapter IV: The Early Milesian Kings
  • Chapter V: Tales of the Ultonian Cycle
  • Chapter VI: Tales of the Ossianic Cycle
  • Chapter VII: The Voyage of Maldun
  • Chapter VIII: Myths and Tales of the Cymry

On the Study of Celtic Literature by Matthew Arnold [1867]

A Book of Folklore by Sabine Baring-Gould [1913]

  • The Spirit of Man
  • The Body of Man
  • The Ancient Divinities
  • Sacrifice
  • The Mystery of Death
  • Fetches
  • Skulls
  • Pixies and Browies
  • Birth and Marriage

Tom Tit Tot, An Essay on Savage Philosophy in Folk-Tale by Edward Clodd [1898]

  • The Story of Tom Tit Tot
  • Variations of Tom Tit Tot
  • On the Diffusion of Stories
  • Incidental features of Stories
  • Barbaric Ideas about Names
  • Magic through Tangible Things
  • Magic through Intangible Things
  • Taboo
  • Words of Power
  • The Name and the Soul

This is a must have collection for any Celtic religion and myth (mythology) history buff!

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